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Louis IX
When did priests start sitting in the center of the sanctuary? I thought only bishops in their cathedrals had that place?
John A Cassani
Even then, in many American Cathedrals (and other places where parish churches were elevated to Cathedral status), the cathedra was placed on the north side of the sanctuary, as the tabernacle was on the altar.
Jason l
Look up the Masonic Temple in images on google. Same layout. Man is the focus and center of worship instead of God. Notice how some churches have the tabernacle in a side room? Thats not an accident.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Take the Crucifix off the wall and just have a cross, and Voila!! Do-it-yourself Protestantism.. (which is what the Novus Ordo is actually). 🤪
Ban the Novus Ordo!
Father Jonn Miller
From a crowded Church of faithful to an empty cardboard box.