Francis defines himself as a toad because Jesuit


Study of the Paul VI Hall
Wednesday, 1st August 2018

« Good morning. I am pleased to welcome you. Many thanks for this visit, it is good for me. When I was a student, when we had to go to the General, and when with the General we had to go to the Pope, we had to wear the cassock and cape. I see that this fashion no longer exists, thank God.

The priest made me laugh when he spoke about unifying the pastoral ministry of the Jesuits. I had understood that it meant unifying the souls and hearts of Jesuits, not the methods, because if you were to do this the Society of Jesus would come to an end. It used to be said that the first role of the General was to “put the Jesuits to pasture”, and another said, “Yes, but it is like putting a flock of toads out to pasture”: one over here, one over there. But this is good, because great freedom is needed, without freedom one cannot be a Jesuit. And a great obedience to the Pastor, who must have the great gift of discernment to permit each one of the “toads” to choose what he feels the Lord is asking of him. This is the originality of the Society: unity with great diversity. »…/papa-francesco_…
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Ivan Tomas
One should pay more attention on his real message here. His mumbling about the "freedom", "great freedom",..."is needed",... "without freedom one can't be a jesuit"-- is sooo dangerous! Especially in combination of his mumbling about "unity with great diversity"!

Yeah, right. It is all so darn reasonable and unwisely wise what berGOGlio mumble!
angry bob
He said at the beginning of his pontificate he would split the church, he's well on his way.
Catholique et Français
Avec la doctrine Monfort AJPM,
Tu récolteras la haine que tu sèmes !
Avec la doctrine GChevalier,
Tu finiras au fond de l'éternel brasier !
Montfort AJPM
Avec la doctrine materialiter,
Comme avec celle formaliter,
Crois-tu avoir un meilleur sort ?
Tu n'échapperas pas à la mort !
Avec la doctrine CRC,
Tu vireras dans le fossé !
Avec la doctrine "résistance",
Crois-tu échapper à la sentence ?
Il faut oublier les injures et renoncer à l'envie que si l'on devait mourir tous les jours ;
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