Fatima on May 12, 2019 and May 12, 2020.

The difference of a year


Novella Nurney
This is very sad indeed.Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
Right now, the clergy of the "dark" and false church are in charge of Fatima. But, that won't be the case forever - and maybe not for long! Our Lord will not allow His Mother to be mocked!! "Sooner or later, God will cut you down!"
Ipsa conteret
Take a look at how poorly Our Lady's statue is treated by the masonic clergy there. This is a close-up of Our Lady's statue taken tonight, 05-12-20, during the ceremony. The neck of the statue itself is similarly cracked. This is one of the most important Sacramentals in the entire Catholic world!
F M Shyanguya
Long Live Christ The King.
Our Lady of Fatima ; Ora pro nobis