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Anglican Church Envoy to Vatican Does not Believe in Resurrection

Heretical Statement. No Wisdom in it, just a false sense of intelligence.
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Feast of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs.

Feast of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs. Holy Innocents, Pray for us. Amen. More
The first Christian martyrs even before St. Steven.
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O magnum mysterium

rich music, poor clothing
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Creepy, Mom Sings Lullaby She Says Her Baby “Gave” Her Before Aborting

Abortion is two-fold, it kills the baby and it destroys the mother. This woman is trying to come to terms with what she just did. Pray for her and for the end of abortion.
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Creepy, Mom Sings Lullaby She Says Her Baby “Gave” Her Before Aborting

Its very sad , that people are so very much deceived by evil
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On Gender and more.

You can ignore reality. But you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
wow :-)
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When you can play Chopin like *this*

... and you're only 11
Beautiful. Pray Jesus' Holy Spirit moves in him to share heavenly melodies for a lifetime!
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"You do not understand what abortion does to a woman" - post-abortive mom

Mom who had abortion slams Irish politician in viral video for denying abortion regret
De Profundis
If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, … More
alex j
I totally get it! For sometime now a decade of the Rosary for the suffering mothers resulting from abortion of their child has been included in my … More
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Te Deum [Alternatim] - Pierre Cochereau / Maîtrise de Notre-Dame

The 'Te Deum' sung by the Maîtrise de Notre-Dame-de-Paris led by Cantor Jehan Revert, in alternatim with Pierre Cochereau at the Grand Orgue of Notre-Dame. More
Tego mi brakuje w kościele.
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Francis Appoints Pro-Gay Prelates to Organise Gay Abuse Summit

Didn't Cardinal Cupich say that Pope Francis has bigger issues to attend to than abuse (like Immigration and environment) and we are not going down this "rabbit hole".
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Sexuality and Gender — introduction to the New Atlantis report

Read "Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences" here:… The New Atlantis:… More
iordache aurel doresc sa colaboram in sens PATRIOTIC CRUCIAT,Amin.
Male and female God created ,anything else is not from God
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US-Deacon, "Jesus did not preach against abortion and same-sex marriage"

Right! and God never said, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's husband", I don't know why he didn't, but maybe he knew many women would become radical feminists and there would be no talking sense into them about anything, let alone fear of Eternal damnation...
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Six Pro-Death Women “Leave Church” After Francis Called Abortion “Hit Job”

The great march of mental destruction will go on. Everything will be denied. Everything will become a creed...Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.
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German Bishops Exploit Abuse Hoax to Ask for Abrogation of Priestly Celibacy

Normal men who willingly take vows of celibacy don't suddenly start craving boys and young men. I thought the official reason for the presence of countless perverts in the priesthood was "clericalism?" Is it now the vow of celibacy? I'll answer the question for Marx and his boss: it is neither. The reason is very simple: sodomites being ordained.

Also, it appears Marx should probably skip a meal… More
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Nuncio: Intolerance toward Vetus Ordo Has “Something Diabolical”

“I am greatly saddened to hear of people (even bishops) militating against Summorum Pontificum and the tender flowering of the regular celebration of the Vetus Ordo”, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, …
By their Fruits. Not only are they acting against the "Summorum Pontificum" of Pope Benedict, they are - in a damning themselves - The Papal Bull of … More
Above all else, Satan hates the traditional mass. His followers do too
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Corruption Network? - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Father God bless you! I and my husband are in complete agreement with your assessment. Please continue to feed your sheep with the truth which we so sorely need at this very dark time in the church. … More
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Bishop Strickland hits home run! Baltimore Nov 14, 2018

Thankyou Jesus at last somebody says something Thankyou Bishop God bless Bishop Strickland for having the courage to speak! Thank you for posting this, Fr. Mark. VIVA CRISTO REY! More
alex j
Well articulated Bishop Strickland!!! You certainly did nail it. Especially when you reiterated that Bishops and others already have the "tools and … More
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Barron, "Holy See" Restisted Investigating McCarrick

Bishop Barron says investigating McCarrick has been met with “some resistance, it seems, from the Holy See,” asks if U.S. bishops can offer “respectful pressure.”
Jim Dorchak
I don’t trust him
De Profundis
US Bishops vote against this resolution: "...the bishops of the USCCB encourage the Holy See to release all documentation that can be released … More
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Baby survived abortion pill

Brent Boles, November 12., "Recently I did this delivery, and am sharing the picture with the patient’s permission. You see, when a woman takes the abortion pill, she often immediately regrets it. … More
Theresia Katharina
Da haben Mutter und Kind aber Glück gehabt!
God Bless that woman. May the Child be blessed by God.
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monty python football

monty python guys with their crazy ideas Before you write a comment: Yesss it was an offside and yess it was an own goal..
Harmonia celestiala
Definitely a fun game for everyone.
We want more! The ministry of silly walks perhaps? Flying sheep? Mr. Creosote ? (Could be helpful in a sermon about gluttony) More
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Whistle-Blower Viganò Admonishes U.S. Bishops

The bishops in the United States should confront homosexual abuses like “courageous shepherds” rather than like “frightened sheep”, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former nuncio to the U.S.A. wrote …
God bless you and may his angels protect you Archbishop!
Pray for Archbishop Viganò.
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Heroes, "...ready to take a bullet for any single one of us."

There is a lesson in the following words. Not everyone, especially today, will understand it.
No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.
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Attending My First Latin Mass

If you’ve been following my channel for any length of time, you might be surprised to find out that I attended my first extraordinary form, or Latin mass this past weekend because I’ve spent some … More
Jim Dorchak
Wonderful and welcome but what took him so long?
Traditional Mass does not leave to you the risk of lack of devotion. It has led me to an immense love of the Holy Sacrifice of the mass; it made me … More
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Attending My First Latin Mass

Traditional Mass does not leave to you the risk of lack of devotion.
It has led me to an immense love of the Holy Sacrifice of the mass; it made me a true catholic, a great lover of Jesus in the Eucharist, the Most Holy Sacrement❤
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Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg - November 5


Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg (3 December 1875 – 5 November 1943) was a German Roman Catholic priest and theologian, who died while in the custody of forces of the Third Reich. He has been awarded … More
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A deaf girl’s contagious joy at the news of a new baby

How can this co-exist in the same space as the culture of legalized abortion.
What adorable love of a sister and of a mother! Really, how can this co-exists? Abortion is the most horrible crime, as well as helping someone to … More
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A deaf girl’s contagious joy at the news of a new baby

What adorable love of a sister and of a mother! Really, how can this co-exists?
Abortion is the most horrible crime, as well as helping someone to commit suicide, I think. No punishment on the earth is harsh enough for the people who do such insults to God and to men. And is legalised by the false law of imposters!
Domine, adveniat Regnum tuum!
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This sculpture titled “Pregnant mountain”

The sculpture is a tribute to the woman that gives life according to the artist Dubian Monsalve. It is located near the town of Santo Domingo, in Colombia
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One man speaking up because... Pope Francis

They say, once you become a bishop you will not miss a hot meal anymore and you wan't hear the truths again. It may be wrong to "criticise" the Pope, but is it wrong to tell him the truth?
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Saint Gerard Majella - October 16

BobLord Born in Muro, about fifty miles south of Naples, in April, 1726; died 16 October, 1755; beatified by Leo XIII, 29 January, 1893, and canonized by Pius X, 11 December, 1904. His only ambition … More
dvdenise Si j'ai le temps je fais un vidéo en French...
Saint Gérard Majella, priez pour nous. More
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Man Married for 64 Years Reveals His Secret to a Healthy Marriage

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo, an associate pastor of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, recently tweeted a story about one man’s secret to a healthy marriage: Frank is 89. His …