Pope Francis Beyond Rational Scrutiny?

Would not "beneath" be a better preposition.

Homosexual Abuses: Liberal Bishop Admits the Truth

It is not intimacy. It is sexual abuse. Call it out by its proper name please.

Il Sismografo

We're gonna take over the world Pinkie!

“Answering the Dubia Would Not Save A Single Soul” - Cardinal Napier believes

Preaching the truth will not save a single soul? Is this man for real?

The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid 'Desmond is Amazing'

Ode to "Munchausen By Proxy"
Be yourself the crowd did bray
Yet see child act the self same way
As models he was groomed to be
For those with eyes sure all can see.
So tell me child, who fed your mind
To strut and pout like lustful kind?
And who, pray tell, did paint your face
To take the boy and leave no trace?

Paul VI saying pop music isn't appropriate for mass

They speak the words that the should say
Yet walk by praxis other ways.
You knew quite well what you had done
When in our home you placed a bomb!

Paul VI "We may notice that pious persons will be the ones most disturbed [by the changes], because, having their respectable way of listening to Mass, they will feel distracted from their customary thoughts and forced to follow those of others. Not …

Working Hard Vs Working Smart!

Some victories are somewhat pyrrhic by nature .

Alleluja from Łowicz

I can't see the spiritual merit of these belting bellowing bovine sounds. They are more reminiscent of a sailor's knee slapping shanty than the angelic choirs. It simply does not have the quality of Christian prayer.
Thank you dear Father in heaven for sparing our souls and giving us, through Your Church, the true music of prayer - Gregorian chant.

German Philosopher Robert Spaemann R.I.P.

Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.

Bishop Ordered Disposal Of Possible Eucharistic Miracle Without Investigation

How was it clear to anyone that the presence of of Lord had left the host as the normal dissolution of the host did not occur? Is it not true therefore that when they "disposed" of the host what this actually means is that they possibly committed the worst possible act of desecration. Of course if it was mold, it would not be sacrilegious. The fact that they were willing to take the chance is a … More

"Competition" Man Fighting Among Women

Bite him girl!
Do pull his hair.
Cause he's not of
The sex so fair.

Surprise, Surprise: All Men Descended From Just Two People

I suppose if you did not want to admit a creation event you would have to posit that there was a cataclysmic event that wiped out the "obvious" evidence that surely should exist because we all "know" there was no creation event.

Episode 11: Organ Donation & Communion in the Hand – SSPX Podcast

How is it that the removal of a healthy organ which God thinks you should possess by nature is not classified as an evil act in itself? In the case of live donation of a kidney - is it not a case of claiming that we may do a little evil that a greater good may come from it?

US-Deacon, "Jesus did not preach against abortion and same-sex marriage"

True dear Cuthburt. All the same his vacuous imbecility cannot but elicit a slight stirring of compassion in the heart.

'Council Class' gathers to rekindle memories, reflect light of Vatican II

Really! this is quite insane.

"Most of all, they are, as Jim Murphy put it, by way of Thomas Merton, a finger pointing at the moon — in all its phases, including its exhilarating fullness, even when obscured. These classmates would say, "Don't pay attention to us. Pay attention to what we're pointing at," and the moon they're pointing at is the Second Vatican Council, reflecting the light of …

German Bishop Requires Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication

T'is a queer story often told.
That idols make the head a mold.

Italian Archbishop Insults Catholics

Francis refuses to teach Gospel values. His ministry confirms people in their sin. He has reneged on his oath to uphold the petrine office and confirm the brethren. He longs for a fragmented non-dogmatic communion of heretical communities which as we all know is no communion at all (ergo no Church at all). Archbishop Lorefice is wrong on all counts.

‘Dictator Pope’ author expelled from Order of Malta | Catholic Herald

To legally oust the honourable Sire,
An inquest of truth must uncover the liar
Refusal to hear the truth in a court
Dark knights do attack, black deeds their resort.
Persist still good Sire, keep up your good fight.
Truth cannot deny this degenerate sight.

Archbishop Cordileone hits homerun! Baltimore Nov 13, 2018

Anyone who self identifies as a homosexual is morally deviant. There is no such thing as a homosexual. We are just talking about people who look at others of the same sex as objects of use to satisfy sexual cravings. These appetites should have been mortified and mastered before the candidate got within smelling distance of ordination. Sex is for founding a family inside marriage. Nobody has a … More

Whistle-Blower Viganò Admonishes U.S. Bishops

Thank you Archbishop Viganò.

No Dialogue: Bishops "Should Not" Invite Cardinal Burke

When low in mind and virtue be
The pride of man is great you see.
So cast aside from fellow men
The pain is great for dog in den.
But error key this dullard makes
Men such as Burke whose heart is great,
Such boycott is to him a pride
With Christ to stand and take His side.
So now dark minion hold your tongue.
Your mouth is foul, your work is dung!

Pope Francis is an enemy of the people of Europe and North America

With the defeat of the democrats there will be less of a playground for pervs to operate. I don't think any Pope Francis encouraged human pile up from Honduras will change the political landscape in America. The cabal is going down and that's the end of it. Welcome to the true God of surprises!

America Born Apostolic Nuncio Recommends Traditional Latin Mass

The last paragraph is odd. It should simply and clearly read Go to Traditional Latin Mass! Instead we get a masterpiece of obfuscation. If I want to attend a Roman Rite I go to a Roman Rite. Why would one attend a Rite that is not clearly identified as a Roman Rite in itself but certainly ought to be "inspired by the Roman Rite" yet calls itself an ordinary form of the Roman Rite. Me thinks … More

A Catholic High School ant the Resurrection

Just as sexual perverts like to prey on young flesh, far worse the spiritual perverts who glory in undermining the Faith of the young. They cannot keep their apostasy to themselves but are compelled by the demon to spread their lies and infect all around them. The more pure and innocent their targets the greater pleasure they derive from their corruption. "But he that shall scandalize one of thes… More

Fitting for the heart of Silicon Valley.

Seems to be suffering from a Satellite transmitted Disease .

Hillary just said blacks, "all look alike?"

I think the "Uh, no they don't" came far too fast to be natural. I would expect the interviewer to take a pause to consider the possibility that she might have misheard what was said as it was so outrageous. So in my books it looks like a premeditated script.

Even the lights are lavender

Anybody seen Coco?

Cardinals start Dancing

Where's Coco?

Francis Hides Modernist Tyranny Behind Fig Leave of "Synodality"

See how the knaves, play us for fool.
Sin they promote, with syn as their tool.

Irish primate says Viganò 'hijacked' World Meeting of Families

There are two errors here. Firstly he is not the Dublin Archbishop, he is the Archbishop of Armagh and the Primate of All Ireland. Secondly, as regards the article, the grooming of the faithful to accept sexual deviancy hijacked the WMF. Vigano's testimony only broke on the plane on the Pope's journey home. The Irish media (well known for their virulent anti-catholic bigotry) refused to report … More

Jesuit’s Red Light Chapel Wins "Interfaith" Award

Hollowed out altar where stone used to be.
Curtains to cover no stations to see.
Nothing to offer, no story to tell.
Stripped cold and bare, you did your job well.
A chapel to meet, come, come join with me.
Come gather round, my bare hollowed tree.

Pope Francis the Insulter Preaches Against Insults

When pumped with pride, what keen sorrow,
To narcissist heart, an insult blow.
The saints of course had else to tell,
How suffering and insult served them so well.

Ross Douthat’s Reading of the Catholic Landscape

No Catholic can support or promote mortal sin. So when the body is attacked the faithful, who are awake, respond. Archbishop Viganó's intervention is not "best understood as an attempt by the small active opposition to spur the large passive opposition to some sort of dramatic action". He is an individual who has spoken out at the 11th hour against the terrible monstrosity that has overtaken us. … More

Whistle-Blower Speaks for the Third Time

While perverts bare their hungry tooth
To feed upon the flesh of youth.
White knight arise, his role to play
White sword o'er Ouellet's false foray.
For naught is sharper than White Truth
Though hell's dull minions play the mute.

Ouellet’s "Open Letter" Makes Things Worse

While perverts bare their hungry tooth
To feed upon the flesh of youth.
White Knight arises to relay
White sword o'er Oulette's false foray.
For naught is sharper than White Truth
E'en hell's dull minions play the mute!