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A “Sick Society In The Nets of Evil” Allows Church Vandalism - Cardinal Sarah

The weak French Bishops' Conference held back commenting on the desecrations to avoid further attacks…. [and will provoce them]
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No harm done, right? NO COLLUSION between Trump and Russia.

Cardinal Richelieu somehow describing hate speech laws, even though he died in the 17th Century.
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"Mon cher papa, je sais bien que je n'ai pas profité comme j'aurais dû des sacrifices que vous avez faits pour moi. Je sais aussi que je vous ai causé du chagrin par ma dissipation et ma légèreté, mon étourderie et mon indocilité. Veuillez, mon cher papa, me pardonner pour cela."
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The New-Church-Circus Is Arriving!

“God permits tyrants to get into power to punish the sins of the subjects... God does not permit tyrants to reign a long time, but after the storm brought on the people through these tyrants, He restores transquillity by casting them down.” — St Thomas Aquinas, De Regno 1.83
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Celebrations in Lourdes (1958) for the Centenary of the first apparition

“I must pray, she said, for the conversion of sinners. I asked her many times what she meant by that, but she only smiled. Finally with outstretched arms and eyes looking up to heaven she told me she was the Immaculate Conception.” -St. Bernadette Soubirous
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No Joke: Luther-Lover Walter Kasper Calls Cardinal Müller “New Luther”

The fact that mere mentions by a Cardinal of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, are considered an attack on the Pope says much more about the Pope than about the Cardinal.
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"Der Pluralismus der Religionen ist von Gott gewollt" (Papst Franziskus, Abu Dhabi, Februar 2019)

Bischof Schneider: "Keine Religion außer dem Christentum kann Gottes Wille sein, denn es ist der ausdrückliche Wille Gottes, dass jeder an seinen Sohn glaubt."
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For Francis Fornication Seems to Be Okay - His New Sin Is "Violating Nature"

Francis in this speech: "The same must be said for the cry of the earth, violated and wounded in a thousand ways by selfish exploitation. The ecological dimension is a necessary component of the responsibility of every person and every nation. I reflect on the fact that when I administer Reconciliation – even before when I did so – only rarely does someone admit to having carried out an act of … Mehr

Cardinal Müller Counters Crisis - With a Four-Page-Creed

Which part of Cardinal Müller manifesto is in opposition to Pope Francis? I would assume the Holy Father would agree with each and every word of it. The most ardent defenders of Pope Francis seem keen to invent and over-exaggerate the so-called opposition to the Pope.

Josef Seifert: Francis Has “Rejected Christianity”, Turned God into a "Relativist"

The biggest source of confusion in the Church today is Francis. The one person who is supposed to ensure clarity.

Heiliger Erzengel Michael, kämpfe für uns?

Hier das lange Gebet zum Erzengel Michael

Heiliger Erzengel Michael,

du Anführer der guten Engel, siehe, wir kommen täglich mehr in Bedrängnis. Der Kampf, den du im Himmel begonnen hast, tobt seit Adam weiter auf dieser Erde. Wir stehen im Vorfeld der Apokalypse. Der grosse Abfall von Gott hat begonnen.

Der allmächtige Schöpfer Himmels und der Erde wird totgeschwiegen, seine Gebote werden …

Grave Concerns About Pope Francis’ Abu Dhabi Document - By Professor Josef Seifert

If you think that God in His Wisdom has willed the plurality and diversities of religion, THEN you just denied JESUS CHRIST as the sole and only Savior of Mankind.

Bergoglians are the party of Apostasy, and no one can deny it NOW!

Marx pretended that he wanted the happiness of the Proletariat, but what he really wanted was the unhappiness of the Bourgeoisie. And it was because of that negative element — because of that HATE element — that his philosophy produced disaster. —Bertrand Russell, 1952

Big Money Offered to Francis If He Engages in Vegan Fasting

Morgan replied to say: “Because I’m a Catholic and they’re taunting my pope! As a Catholic, I’m defending the holy father against this ridiculous taunting from radical vegans. They have no limits, these People. (Source: www.veganfoodandliving.com/piers-morgan-of…)
Sadly, it is Francis himself who invites such "taunting."

Abuse Hoax Live: Schönborn “Believes” Abuse Case That Was Proven Wrong

Isn't it funny that for the past 50 years, when a liberal disobeys the Vatican nothing happens but when a Catholic does, there is a full blitzkrieg against him?

Missbrauchs-Hoax live: Schönborn „glaubt“ einen Missbrauchsfall, der „unbegründet“ ist

Der Bayerische Rundfunk erlaubt Doris Wagner - entgegen dem Urteil der Staatsanwaltschaft - zu verleumden, dass plötzlich "ein Priester in meinem Zimmer stand, mich ausgezogen hat und mich vergewaltigt hat“.
interessant, dass plötzlich die Staatsanwaltschaft dermassen als Saubermänner herhalten müssen?
Wer erlaubt Gloria TV so arg viel verleumderisches zu verbreiten, wie ich hier erlebe?
Und wer erlaubt Schönborn in aller Öffentlichkeit zu rufmorden?

15 seconds: Margaret Sanger about her “main opposition”

They will introduce post-birth “abortion” with the argument they now reject: there is no difference between killing moments before or moments after birth.

Francis Says His Inter-religious Heresies Come "From Second Vatican Council”

Asked about Catholics who say that he is “manipulated” by Muslims, Pope Francis joked, “Not only by Muslims. They accuse me of being manipulated by everyone, including journalists.”

Famous Jesuit: Francis "Seems to Ignore" Political Islam, Is "Much too Naive". Entangled in "Contra…

Pope Francis says the fear of migration is "making us crazy". He famously has called for "bridges, not walls". After celebrating Mass in 2016 on the Mexican side of the U.S. border, he denounced anyone who wants to build a wall to keep out migrants as "not Christian".
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Wikileaks Publishes Francis' Deceitful Letter to Cardinal Burke

Grand Master Festing should’ve refused to resign as the head of a sovereign nation. But I guess he was so old school, in deference to Comrade Francis, he went ahead and resigned.
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Virginia Governor thinks it's okay to kill a baby once it's fully delivered

No amount of sophistry will ever mask how unspeakably evil it is to even conceive of permitting late term abortions.
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Hochschule Heiligenkreuz hat neuen Rektor

"Das Böse gewinnt Raum durch die Feigheit der Guten." Don Bosco
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Francis Condemns Catholic Media For “Denouncing Heresy”

Calling out heresy is always compassionate for its goal is the salvation of souls.
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Francis Condemns Catholic Media For “Denouncing Heresy”

“The love of Christ is never a love that “accepts people as they are”: it is always a love that takes people as they are and changes them into something new, precious and divine” – Archimandrite Irenei Sternberg
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Hochschule Heiligenkreuz hat neuen Rektor

31. Januar Heiliger Johannes Bosco: "Die Bösen müssten vor den Guten Angst haben, aber doch nicht die Guten vor den Bösen!"
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Missbräuche: Zweites Vatikanisches Konzil ist Teil des Problems

"Niemand hat die Bischöfe gezwungen, Verfehlungen von Klerikern aus grauer Vergangenheit bis in die Gegenwart in die Öffentlichkeit zu zerren. Keine staatliche Stelle hat von der Kirche eine derartige Studie gefordert. Vergleichbare Vorgänge bei anderen Institutionen existieren nicht. Die Lehrerverbände etwa zeigen keine Neigung, Unregelmäßigkeiten von Lehrern gegenüber den ihnen anvertrauten … Mehr
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Francis: Aborted Babies Are "in Heaven" - Abortion Mothers Should "Sing Lullabies" For Them

Aborted babies "in heaven" is implicitly a denial of original sin and the necessity of sanctifying grace.
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California State senator replaces male and female gender pronouns with 'they'

Remember Bill Clinton's response, under oath..."That depends on what the meaning of the word is...is". He was sort of a forerunner of all this.
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Die CDU vor unserer Zeit

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Entire Host Found on the Ground After World Youth Day Mass

This is why communion shouldn't be distributed at these outdoor super masses. Is it really worth the sacrilege that always ends up happening?
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Trump Weighs In

The horror. Catholics participating in a vigil against abortion. Those kids are monsters for opposing butchering kids in the womb.
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Convington Catholic School Does Not Apologize

Disappointing. The school and diocese could at least retract their hasty condemnation of the students based on initial (false) media reports.
In the FrancisEra the only heresy is standing up for life against fantasists (I doubt that Indian did much except protest and draw welfare).
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Nothing is simple with women :)

The Catholic Church is the only religion that gets accused of worshipping a woman and hating women at the same and any given time
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Nathan Phillips approached the students

Here another great comment (Waiting for the mass exodus of honest people from the corrupt as hell Democratic Party)
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Highly reccomended list

@sheepette Why cut caffeine?
Lisi: Not too good for your body, generally. I think I'm addicted, so a difficult penance.
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Nathan Phillips approached the students

More fake news from the Washington Post. They get the story wrong, defame a boy, so now instead of apologizing and printing a retraction, they shift the goalposts: www.washingtonpost.com/…/catholic-church…
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Alternative Math | Short Film

"Too many people in the media cannot seem to tell the difference between reporting the news and creating propaganda."
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AfD-Gutachten: Verfassungsschutz bezieht sich auf antifa-Webseiten –

Der Broder ist ein eigener Fall, aber die Bewertung der Staatssender ist treffend.
Ich schau seine Sachen gerne an
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Nathan Phillips approached the students

“The teen has been called the product of a ‘hate factory’ and likened to a school shooter, segregation-era racist, and member of the Klu Klux Klan ... This is shaping up to be one of the biggest major media misfires in quite some time.”
Read, reason.com/…/covington-catho…