Christopher Jay Kimsey
Primitive barbarism in modern times.

Crucifixion: It’s Not Ancient History Anymore | National Review

ISIS has revived the barbaric practice. The time to stop both of them is now. From Easter services to cablecasts of Bill O’Reilly’s bestseller Killi…
Christopher Jay Kimsey
That has been going on since WW2 & Vietnam. The whole Free Tibet movement is built around it. Different order, same peoples.
It probably appeals to their sense of irony. The Church will have to wait until they start killing Buddhists before the UN does anything.

Rebellion - Apostolic Constitutions…al-priestly-fraternity-in-tion-of-new-papal-decree Strange that a Liberal move by the Pope would be disregarded. In early Church Liturgy and Scripture it was mandated that …

It Better Be US.