Italian Church Imparts Confirmations to Pagans

The title of this piece is wrong. If they are baptised they are not and cannot be pagans. They are 'ignorant' of their Faith but that does not make them pagans. One cannot validly receive the Sacrament of Confirmation without having validly received the Sacrament of Baptism and once one has validly received the latter one is not a pagan but a Christian even if one is completely ignorant of the Faith. After all one does not refer to a newly baptised baby as a 'pagan'!

2018 – Pope Will Be Murdered According to Nostradamus

Nostradamus? Seriously? We are relying on the fanstasms born of mercury-sniffing? If you want Catholic prophecy on the matter check out Birch's Trial, Tribulation and Triumph.
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Cardinal Müller, Francis‘ Recent Move Is Disturbing

Rafał_Ovile when one can do something. If you think you can do more then do it. I would like to see a list of your suggestions.

Cardinal Müller, Francis‘ Recent Move Is Disturbing

Dr Stuart Reiss I think the Code and Pastor Aeternus (Vatican I was an Ecumenical Council) outweigh even St Robert Bellarmine who only has a (learned) theological opinion. All we can do is pray and make sacrifices, do penance and beg the Lord to shorten the time and bring the Church back to her true course. It's His Body after all.
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Cardinal Müller, Francis‘ Recent Move Is Disturbing

Dr Stuart Reiss While I normally agree with you on this matter I cannot. After all exactly what process (e.g. canonical) do you have in mind? Cardinals (and all bishops, priests etc) minister at the HF's discretion. They cannot set themselves outside the Church's law or her tradition. I believe that cardinals like Muller, Sarah and Burke are in a bind. They have few options and do not want to … More
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Things Jesus Never Said

"Things Jesus Never Said" not "Thinks". He never thought them either.
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Anglicans holds joint birthday celebration for Mohammed and Jesus

Personally I look forward to 'spiced beef' which is a traditional Christmas dish in Ireland (Dublin and Cork that is). Very tasty.

EXCELLENT TRUMP: 7 Reasons Trump Would Be Right To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Eternal Capital

The only proof of whether this is the right move will be in the fallout and I hope that won't be literally. To claim that Jerusalem will always be Israel's capital is a bit much. It was and then it wasn't and then it was again and then it wasn't (for a very long time) and now it is again. We'll see what the future has to say...

As for Mr Shapiro's reference to the IRA (now more less gone). We … More

Francis Tries to Sell Heresy As “Authentic Magisterium”

Rafał_Ovile The you will realise that he is not nuancing anything but pointing out that the Law has not changed. In fact putting the letter in the Acta is trying to bolster up an unstable situation. It seems to me that they have not changed the Law and they have not changed the teaching but they wish to give the appearance of having done so.

Francis Tries to Sell Heresy As “Authentic Magisterium”

Dr Edward Peters over at deals with these issues. It seems that even at the top they are confused about what they can and cannot do.

Open Revolt in the Vatican?

Dr Bobus I agree with one proviso. The Cardinals elect the Pope and the Holy Spirit agrees to work with the man they pick, saint or sinner. The alternative is that the Holy Spirit has picked some right clangers over the course of the Church's history!

Open Revolt in the Vatican?

rafferju When you quote St Francis please supply a reference! Many things are put on the Saint's lips. Please give us a source.

Francis Puts Primacy On Discussion

Actually Pope Benedict XVI (O those halcyon days) put this on the table during his own papacy.

Rabbi, “Every Place Christianity Grows Weak, Paganism Grows Stronger”

Dr Stuart Reiss with a face like that he'd make a very effective gatekeeper - reminds me of Tolkien's description of the gatekeepers of Cirith Ungol! Thanks for the info!

Rabbi, “Every Place Christianity Grows Weak, Paganism Grows Stronger”

Dr Stuart Reiss I thought it definitely did not look Greek and was wondering where it came from. I guessed wrongly that it was South American!

A Church as a Silicon Valley

aderito The Cardinal means the best, the leaders in our field.

Katyń [ru, en, fr subtitles]

Joseph a' Christian One must make a distinction between ethnic and religious Jews. Those Jews involved in the Communist takeover in Russia were secular atheist Jews working with secular atheist Russians. The majority of the leaders and killers were Russians. I have seen many figures for how many died under the Soviets. God knows the true figure. We should not allow anti-Semitism into our hearts … More
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Abuse after abuse.

I suppose one could be consoled that he was wearing a cassock. He's certainly physically fit. Really this should be done in a hall as 'keep fit with Jesus' or something. I presume this was some kind of prayer meeting. It is surely not the prelude to a Mass? To have this in a church, even if the Blessed Sacrament were removed, surely shows at least a gross loss of awareness and respect for the … More
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Ireland's abortion problem

The hash marks are propaganda and should be read as such. How many were repeat aborters? The article is about how 'pro-choice' campaigners are squashing debate even as the polls show their is no strong support among Britons for their positions. The picture above says it all. They are so consumed by their committment to a 'woman's choice' that that is all they can see. Their world is narrowed down into grey and white.

“Free Thinkers” Fight Only Christianity

The Communists would call these people "fellow travellers" in public and "useful idiots" in private. I wonder if some Muslims do the same?

Don’t Say Jesus Is Lord

It's been getting out of hand since the 'reformation'.

Placebo, a wake up call to the Church by Howard Pittman

While some people might find inspiration from this man's experience as Catholics we must beware 1) granting credence private revelations, 2) from a Protestant and 3) that does not affirm Catholic doctrine. For instance: why didn't the beings he claims to have met point out to him that the Catholic Church is the only one founded by Christ?

Church Turned into a Tennis Court

Is his next project to the same to a former mosque or synagogue?

Meet the priest who bought an ambulance on eBay and converted it into a mobil...

Actually this is not a new idea. In the 1950's Fr Werenfrid von Stratten, among others, used a similar idea to bring the Sacraments to Catholics who were far from home and their Catholic churches. He didn't have an ambulance but they used vans as mobile chapels.
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Can The Bible Justify Anything?

The best place to hear the Scriptures is within the Liturgy of the Church.

Humanae Vitae's Prophecies of Doom Have Come Through

Check out Churchmilitant reports on Dolan and his archdiocese. I wonder did he mention the connection between contraception and the social acceptance of homosexual acts?

U.S. Bishops Continue Supporting Abortion and Homosexualism

aderito It's true. I think it is mix of lack of will to act, indifference, ignorance, and a capacity for compromise that leads the US bishops as a body to fail to deal with this. Though it could also be powerful individuals in key positions (in USCCB and elsewhere) protecting these groups. Bishops in the West have become too dependent on government money.

"Science" Proves: Children Are Bad For Earth

Scientists gave us technology. Technology is destroying the Earth. We need to get rid of the scientists.
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Must-See Photos of the Underground Catholic Church in China

"You by your poverty put us to shame"
the Pope to St Francis' feet in 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon'.

Young Catholics Resist Luther

I'll bet the organisers weren't happy with that! Yet while there are young Catholic men like that in France she is not lost.
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The Last Known Letter of Padre Pio to Pope Paul VI

Somewhere God has like saints like Pio praying and sacrificing for the Holy Father and the Church. If He hasn't then we'd better step up to the mark.
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War Pontificate:

The Italians, like the rest of us in the West, are going to see their economy tank and the simple reason is that they have not had enough children. They have an aging population and they will go belly up. It's probably too late for them. I doubt even opening their borders to allcomers would save them from disaster. The rest of us are following not far behind.

Don’t Call Bishops “Spineless Nerds and Sycophantic Half-Wits”

Hederman is some piece of work. He refused the priesthood as not being his vocation for years and then got ordained as soon as he was elected abbot of Glenstal so that he could take the job. I get the impression that he's the kind of man for whom ignorance was never a block to the formation of an opinion and he has not reticence in sharing those opinions. As for the ACP - well that greying … More

Lay Association Makes Public Appeal to Correct Francis

Rafał_Ovile Benedict is not the first Pope to resign. No one but God can know who has and hasn't rejected by their free will the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You missed my central point: this crowd is asking for something that does not exist, i.e. a canonical method for rebuking a Pope.

Lay Association Makes Public Appeal to Correct Francis

Did they ask a canon lawyer for advice before they published this? There is no canonical method for rebuking a Pope. You rebuke him and put up with the consequences. Neither is there a way to check whether he was validly elected (I think they mean licitly). Is he bishop of Rome (his predecessor seems to think so)? If he is then he is the man whom the Holy Spirit has promised to work with i.e. … More

Will Celibacy Frist Be Killed in Germany?

I made it a project a few years back to read Daniel-Rops multi-volume history of the Church (advantage of a house library and being the librarian). I remember him pointing out that before the 'reformation' had properly begun the Counter-reformation had already started. Luther might have stuck his theses to the church door in 1517 but already there were many orthodox Catholics actively seeking … More

Fake Scandal in the Vatican

Temperance I think you should be careful not to confuse 'masculine' and 'male'. God as God is infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, pure spirit but even those terms cannot really grasp God. "What God is we do not know" (St. Gregory of Nyssa). They are our terms that depend on how God has chosen to reveal 'Himself' to us through 'His' prophets and above all through 'His' Son. … More

US bishops and Catholic theologians

Joseph a' Christian Thomas Weinandy is my Brother Capuchin - we live by the same Rule, Constitutions and spirituality but in different provinces. We serve Christ and His Church as they want and will. The US bishops do not owe my brother or any Capuchin a job. It is simple exaggeration to equate losing one's job with losing one's head unless one's job is one's life. My point is that if my brother … More

US bishops and Catholic theologians

He lost his job not his head. His province will find work for him. It's if his province of the Capuchins leave him hanging around that we will know his true punishment and how far vindictiveness can go.
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