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Dissent is Getting Old

Don't forget that ridiculous phrase they coined, "don't trust anybody over 30." In hindsight who were the ones really not to be trusted?
And that other "timeless" tune penned by one of their vulgar icons, "Time Is On My Side." I realize that was a tune about lost love, or lust most likely. But I think the title is a bit ironic.

The Signature That Is Worrying The Jews

The SSPX have not left the Church. That's silly. Rome is investing much energy in them for a reason. Don't forget Who is in charge of all this.
And whether or not the Jews boycott Assissi is of no consequence. It is Rome who should boycott that travesty. Or does the Holy See now take it's marching orders from the ADL?
When the SSPX is "regularized," which they will be, one wonders whom you will next direct your arrogant, self righteous outrage. Certainly not actual protestants (our "seperated … [More]

Gays Aren't "Born That Way" -- Lesbian Says So

"First off, I gotta tell you I'm a communist. ;p
Second, no one holds monopoly as to what the Word of God truly is about. No one. Centuries of history have revealed to us that the Church has made mistakes. Popes have made mistakes. And big ones, too."?
Even heathens should be granted the benefit of hindsight. Given the evidence of the twentieth century it's stupid at best to be a communist.
The Catholic Church holds a "monopoly" by virtue of Her Founder. The Church is the pillar and … [More]

Gays Aren't "Born That Way" -- Lesbian Says So

With the mindset of a protestant muuno has decided that she is wiser than Holy Mother Church herself.
Your mind has been polluted by the leftist propaganda that permeates our diseased culture.
Make an honest attempt at understanding Church teaching on the matter (your understanding now is deeply flawed). Lose your anger and bitterness first. Then pray for understanding before you start to seek that understanding.
Then contact a good, orthodox Catholic priest and ask to speak with him about it. … [More]

Interview of Fr. Frank Pavone

Holy Cannoli I thought the same thing when I watched this video. If he's ambushed coming out of an office building or something it's difficult to get out of it without appearing evasive. It's possible, but difficult.
I hope this all unfolds well for Father Pavone.

Austrians Support Priests' Call for Reform: Survey

Simple but Orthodox Catholic, modernism is what is happening to the Church. It was spelled out brilliantly in warning by Pope St. Piux X in his Pascendi Dominici Gregis. But too many amongst us consider themselves too educated and intelligent to heed the wisdom of Popes who died before 1960. They are too old to be relevant to "modern man," after all. So they should be ignored. Unless, of course, you are uneducated and unintelligent.

Chinese Catholic Priest Sentenced to Hard Labor for Loyalty to Pope

Does the west, particularly the US, still have the fortitude to stand up to these godless tyrants? The greatest generation spent their lives opposing communism because they had the strength of moral certitude and knew it was their duty to oppose and defeat. The sickness of relativism has eroded that certitude.
Now, instead of strongly opposing communism in China, we curry favor with them so our weakling political class can prop up their destined to fail welfare state in order to stay in power. … [More]

PRI In Russia!

And we in the US, despite the overwhelming evidence in Russia and Western Europe, are blindly going down the same road like idiots.
The only bigger idiots are the leftsits who have failed everywhere, but somehow think they will succeed here.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

When Attending Mass Becomes an Occasion of Sin

This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed in the vast majority of parishes in the US. And for the guys, lose the shorts, tshirts and flip flops. Put on some slacks, dress shoes and at the very least a collared shirt, but better with a tie and jacket. Dress like a man, not like a little boy going to a picnic.

Cardinal Arinze on Communion While Kneeling

I agree with PackieJoe. Who ever said ministering Christ's Church militant would be easy? After all, Cardinals wear the red as a symbol that they are prepared to be martyrs for the faith. Christ Himself was executed.
Talks is cheap. Let's please restore what was destroyed by the leftist/modernist/liberal/progressives and let the chips fall where they may.
The Lord does not like timidity, or 'lukewarm'.
Restoration of Holy Mother Church will require much suffering. Much like the redemption of a … [More]

Meet the Exorcist Schoolgirls

This is just more protestant buffoonery. And seanie is correct. These girls are going to end up getting themselves in deep trouble and their only hope will be a real exorcist: a Catholic priest.
In addition to putting these girls in danger, all this does is make a mockery of a very important rite and a very serious problem.

Women - know your place!

The British are certainly very clever at exaggerating and mocking the natural order. Perhaps that's why their culture is in ruin.