Divine Healing

Faith united with Humility brings God's healing.
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Good with God

Let the Faith in your heart; the Joy in your heart and the sincerity of your life, manifest your good relationship with God, throughout your life.
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Come and see :
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Our life on Earth

Our life on earth is preparation1 for Heaven. 1. Living a civilly and morally responsible life- giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and giving to God what belongs to God. Nurturing Family in good faith in God. And doing deeds of Mercy and Char…
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The Art of Loving

Love through Forgiveness1. 1. Forgiveness opens our heart to God's Love and God's healing. Love grows more through Forgiveness. The more we forgive, the more our Love advance towards God and towards our 'neighbor'.
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Human progress?

Men and Women have explored frontiers and have progressed1 significantly in many different fields- but less appreciably in being good husband/wife and Parents- much less a child of God. 1. our true progress is- growing in the love of God.
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Do you Love or lust?

In the moments of intimacy, Love virtuously obeys the grace of Chastity to quench the fire of concupiscence. Lust masquerades as 'True Love' and makes haste to do what is displeasing in the sight of God.
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A True Christian

A true Christian is like a fruitful1 tree- blooming with the goodness of every virtue. 1. He is fruitful because his life is planted and deeply rooted in Jesus Christ- the source of living water.
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Love is waiting to restore you.

I have squandered... I have defiled... I have wasted years in vanity and faithless living. Belatedly, I have Come to know you- more I shall love you, now.
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Eternal Life is calling you

In this world of bad Faith, everything that we see, hear and follow is the voice of vanity. One voice is unheard; unbelieved and ignored- the voice of Humility- the voice of Jesus Christ. Eternal life is calling you. Take heed!!!
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Those who love God, do not cause schism in the Church- but, those who fail to understand God's words.
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If you don't believe in Christ crucified- you'll have no reverence for Christ resurrected.
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The Kingdom values

Our life is an assignment in Faith; Hope; Love and every other virtue. Living our life according to the 'kingdom values'1 makes us worthy of God's Eternal kingdom. 1. Faith; Hope in God ( to wait upon God); Humility; love; Charity; Gentleness; Kindn…
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Human misery

The fact of human misery is- we fail to live daily in the love1 of Christ. In the hardship and desperation of day-to-day life, we even become completely oblivious of Christ- the way of our life. 1. 'love', that assures us of God's presence in our …
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Pope: nascent life threatened by adults' selfishness

vatican on Nov 28, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI's Prayer for Nascent Life Lord Jesus, You who faithfully visit and fulfill with your Presence the Church and the history of men; You who in the miraculous Sacrament of your Body and Blood render us partici… [More]
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saumiguel l Happy New Year! [More]

Humility vs Pride

In Humility, we see our sinfulness- in Pride, we see our Saintliness.
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Christmas crib' 2016

I have created this crib on the theme: "I am the Resurrection and the Life." I have shown the birth of our Lord Jesus in the tomb, signifying HIS dual nature- "I am the resurrection and the life." A further attempt is made in showing HIS second … [More]
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New year

In the ways of the world, new year is for new plans; new resolutions; new undertakings etc. In the ways of God- new year is for beginning new life in God and yet another year of preparation( for Eternal Kingdom) for those who are nearing their end …
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Christmas Crib' 2016

54 pages
This album is all about my Christmas crib for the year 2016. I have created this crib on the theme: "I am the Resurrection and the Life." I have shown the birth of our Lord Jesus in the tomb, signifying HIS dual nature- "I am the resurrection and … [More]
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Love God- live life beautifully

What can be better and more beautiful than a life lived in God? Love God and live life beautifully.
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Wish you all a Blessed and Joyful Christmas !!!

Christ( the love-of-God) is born to bring Peace and reconciliation in this world. Peace in our heart- reconciliation in our family; our social relationship and our love relationship with God. Many things might not be as they should be, in your famil…
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