Watch! Francis Withdraws His Ring

Wow. May Almighty God have mercy on His people! How extremely displeased must Heaven be, to permit this situation in Holy Mother Church, the Bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Peter, repent and lead the Lord's flock! +JMJ+

Help Monsignor Antonio Livi – A Hero of the Catholic Faith

Thank-you May God please Bless you!

Drunk in the Spirit?

Thank-you for your continued work.
May God please Bless you with the greatest abundance!
May Our Lady Cover you with Her Mantle of Protection!
May St. Joseph ever Guard you!

Bóg się rodzi

Just wonderful. Heavenly singing!

Young People Respond to Passionate Conviction [Not to Bergoglio Catholicism]

Thank-you. Merry Christmas! He is Born! :D


Amazing. Praised Be Jesus Christ, His Angels and His Saints!