Fr Dan

Cardinal Marx: Homosexual Couples May Be Blessed

I'm beginning to see a divine hand here. This errant church will just die out in a generation or two, like the Episcopal church and what is replacing it is the likes of the SSPX and other traditional groups that are growing in Germany and France, they will become the established, yet greatly reduced Church in the near future.
Fr Dan

Germany, Parishes Run By Priests Become “Exception”

I see Pius X growing by leaps and bounds
Fr Dan

Mamma Mia: The Italian Bishops Pray to Pachamama

John 10:15
"And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers."
These are the voices of strangers, the sheep will not listen nor follow.
Not only should the shepherd smell the sheep, the sheep MUST smell the shepherd.
Fr Dan

New Controlled Leak: Female Deacons Will Be In Synodal Document

Get the term right. 'Female Deacon' is sexist, racist and exclusive. The Biblical term is Deaconess. They were there to assist women in the church and never part of the ordained ministry.
Fr Dan

WATCH, Edward Pentin Pursuing Bishop Kräutler - Incredible Exchange

Womens so called ordination would be completely null and void and invalid. No matter who authorized it or did it. And all involved would find themselves outside the Church. Simple, end of discussion.
Fr Dan

Neo Cardinal: Invalid Female Ordinations "Shouldn't Be Off the Table”

Women's so called ordination would be completely 100 % in valid, null and void no matter what earthly power approves it.
Fr Dan

Cardinal Koch Wants “Gradual Recognition" of Protestant Ministries

We often forget that we shall all appear before the judgement seat of Christ without rank or title to protect us. We will kneel before the likes of Sts John Fischer, Thomas Moore, and countless others who died rather than acknowledge the legitimacy of error.
And we shall be weighed in the scales of justice.
Lord Have mercy on us all, that we may love truth and walk in the path of charity
Fr Dan

The Reality in the Amazon Contradicts Amazon Synod Romanticism

The best thing for the Church in Germany is to completely abolish the Tax. They have too much money, and that's wrong.
Fr Dan

The Old Rite is Uniquely Religious

The new Mass is oriented toward the 'celebrating community', the old Mass is oriented toward God.
Fr Dan

Crazy Church: Cardinal Cupich Celebrates Gay Crucifix

Chardin's cosmic Christ???
I'll retire to bedlam
Fr Dan

Most Incredible Liturgical Abuse At A Marriage

So it was a wedding and this priest made the Sacrament, the ceremony and the day ALL ABOUT HIM. this man has serious issues.