She Hated Catholicism But Realized that It Was True

More Than an Abuse Victim: The alleged Chilean abuse victim Juan Carlos Cruz, a merciless and fanatic crusader against the Chilean bishops, is presently receiving a lot of euphoric media attention. … More
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Uncle Joe
Here are a few Moldovian boys who are happy they discovered
Jim Dorchak
OPUS DEI???????????? The Old Mass the Latin Mass, is only held regularlly in Santiago at the SSPX Chapel in Los Dominicos. (Wondierful people and … More

Brutal Mercy – But Hope Is Not Lost

On February 9, modernist Chicago Cardinal Cupich, during a talk in Cambridge, England, presented Amoris Laetitia as a paradigm shift praising a “Revolution of Mercy” initiated by Pope Francis. After … More
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Jim Dorchak
To me the word "Paradigm" sounds too much like a bathroom word.

Be Careful When People Use the Label “Conservative”

Pope Francis has set another record low for attendance on Ash Wednesday, the blog Call Me Jorge reported. Even the official photos could not crop out the lack of people. This repeats the old story: … More
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You look beautiful in these colors.

Are We Faced With A Lying Pope?

The excellent journalist Marco Tosatti has listed on his blog four instances in which Pope Francis has palpably lied in public. Tosatti says that this is – quote – “at least for me, a motive of … More
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Jim Dorchak
None of this in Chile is about the Abuse. It is about the communists against the church. Also: Of course he is a liar! The question is how much, how … More

Vatican in Bed With the Devil And Does Not Notice It

Father Bernardo Cervellera, the editor-in-chief of AsiaNews, has answerd Vatican Bishop Marcello Sanchez Sorondo who, its seems without being drunk, believes that the Communist Chinese regime is the … More
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Paul VI invited Catholic believers to his new Audience Hall without Catholic symbolism...He makes them believe that nothing has changed. And why … More

There Is A Climate of Vengeance and Retaliation in the Church

Confessor Archbishop Luigi Negri, a signatory of the Kazakhstan declaration against Amoris Laetitia, said in a recent interview that the bishops are intimidated to speak out. Quote, "In the Church … More
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Ross thou -should not have done -that debate with Massimo 'big beans' Fagioli who is a play for pay self proclaimed Vaticansita and a purveyor of … More

Twice Wrong

Twice Wrong: The CNBC interviewed the Prefect of the Dicastery for Integral Human Development, Cardinal Peter Turkson, asking him about Pope Francis' message to the World Economic Forum 2018 in … More
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True Shepherds Remove Confusion

True Shepherds Remove Confusion: On Friday, Pope Francis told the members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith how true shepherds should be. True shepherds, according to him, are … More
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Lisi Sterndorfer
@Pontifex "don't leave in confusion" If you don't do as you preach what does that make you? More

U.S. Rabbis Want Mass-Immigration - But Not for Israel?

Anti-Immigration: In December 2015 one thousand Rabbis from across the United States signed a letter of support for welcoming refugees. Such rabbinic appeals have, though, little influence on the … More
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michael f
EWTN does not look for the truth when reading out the news on Syria they op instead for CNN fake news anti Christian lies.
Jim Dorchak
The question is why would anyone want to move to Israel? Or North Korea, or Afghanistan, or Venezuela, or Iraq or Iran, Or Chicago, or Detroit or ...… More

Why Pope Francis Flopped in Chile

Lack of Enthusiasm: The Chilean newspaper “La Tercera” published an article about the lack of enthusiasm during Pope Francis’ trip to Chile, although this is allegedly a Catholic country. For … More
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God's not going to bless the Popes liberal teachings.
Dr Stuart Reiss
Chileans hate argentines so much that they let Thacher use Chilean airspace and bases in the little skirmish called the Falklands … More

Francis Attacked

Newspaper Thrown at Francis: Pope Francis was pelted with a newspaper on Monday before celebrating Mass in Santiago del Chile while driving in his Papa Mobile. Users commented on that he … More
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"Better served with a Catechism"...LOL
Pope Francis should be happy the attack wasn't worse. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call for him but probably and unfortunately will not as he … More

Act of Fidelity?

No Interest: Catholic Culture reported the story of the seminarian Nick Sentovich, who is a 3rd-year student at the North American College in Rome. The American third-year seminarians are traditional… More
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Sunamis 46
How about the franciscans of the immaculate?
Guy McClung, Texas
Totalitarian Egoists MUST have oaths from their minions to them personally. Such oaths imply the forsaking of the worship of God, and the required … More

Francis Is Not Above the Gospel:

Francis Is Not Above the Gospel: As anticipated, Bergoglian journalists started attacking the Kazakhstan correction of Amoris Laetitia. The journalist with the closest ties to Francis, is Andrea … More
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The Bergoglio propagandist, HE is named Andrea. Perhaps he is so mixed up about his gender, that the Holy Word being the Law of Almighty God, is way … More
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss Well lets just say that the author is not Cd. Muller...............

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter: Sandro Magister notices on his blog that no one listens to Pope Francis when he makes pro-life or pro-family statements. Magister believes that Francis is “perfectly … More
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Uncle Joe
Restaurant Atmosphere: Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe has turned his cathedral into a big and noisy pizzeria in order to feed – quotation marks - “the … More
GJA Taylor
Why is it mainly retired prelates who speak up against the errors of this bad pope? Is it because he is an authoritarian bully? and the bishops are … More

Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect

Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect: Attendance at Christmas Midnight Mass in Italy is waning. collected the witness of insiders in the archdiocese of Milan, Italy, the biggest … More
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Uncle Joe
An organist, speaking on the condition of anonymity (and appropriately disguised)...

Abuse of Power in the Vatican

Pope Francis’ inner circle is abusing its power, writes Ed Condon in the Catholic Herald. According to him, contempt for the rule of law and proper procedure in the curia is palpable when dealing … More
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Wishing you, and all at news, a blessed Christmas too.
Uncle Joe
I bet Billy's a lot of fun at parties. More

Pope Francis Receives Enemy of the Church

Culpable Silence: Last week the Italian parliament approved a law introducing assisted suicide accompanied by the total silence of Pope Francis and almost all of the Italian bishops. One of the most … More
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a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing?
Bergoglio is the vicar of George Soros. "Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it; and indeed to … More

Church Renewal Will Not Come From Germany

Christ Or Money: The new Polish prime-minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called on the European Union to return to its values and to its traditional Christian roots. Talking to the Catholic TV Trwam he … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Catholic Poland needs to part from the pagan, money pigs of the EU. Almighty God bless the Polish Catholics, for proclaiming Christ is our King, at … More

Will Cardinal Sarah Be Kicked Out After Christmas?

The blog Anonimi della Croce writes that Pope Francis will get rid of the popular Cardinal Robert Sarah within the Epiphany, although his five-year-appointment ends only in 2019. Sarah is known for … More
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Sincere request

02:43 Sincere request: Before the end of the year, still needs, for us, a very big sum of almost 10,000 Euros in order to be able to conclude the year without debts. In 2017,… More
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Lets rally for GTV and give them a Christmas present...every little helps