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Is Curia Cardinal Farrell now under investigation?

.. and the stars in the sky keeps falling and falling ... mmm, one wonders ..
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Rabbi Skorka: What my friendship with Pope Francis taught me about interfaith dialogue

The new, most modern, categorical imperative: to give up the Faith in favor of "dialog"...
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LGBT Drag Queens Given Access to Little Childen: Join the Protest

Misery loves/needs company. Pray for these children, and these molesters, for God's mercy.
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Jewish Guest Removes Crucifix in Church Hall – Diocese Keeps Quiet

come on what did you expect.... of either the Jew guy or the (p)riest?
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Star Parker: How abortion changed America

America changed when it started to accept contraception. Abortion is only the last link in the contraception chain. All contraception is abortion.
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The Vortex—Worse Than Nothing

Every catholic of good will knows who they are and what they represent
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Jewish Families Will Leave UK if Faith Schools Forced to Promote LGBT

The hypocrisy. The agenda that the jews championed are biting them. Although, this is perfectly fine for the jews who believe the ends justify the means even if it's their own people.
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Scandal response-President, Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio)

Darn skippy, matt. The letter is a disgrace. The university has disgraced itself immeasurably. Why is that dirt professor who assigned this filthy treatment of our Blessed Mother still on campus? That tells you everything you need to know.

My daughter has two degrees from that university and my blood has been boiling for days now. To all parents: KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM FRANCISCAN UNIVERSITY … More
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Homosexual Abuses: Liberal Bishop Admits the Truth

It is not intimacy. It is sexual abuse. Call it out by its proper name please.
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These three Supernatural Beings have similar Extraordinary things in common. The Bible foretold their coming. There birth were announced by the same Angel. They were the only Child of their parents. … More
Why did Elizabeth husband not able to speak because he questioned God? I think it was Elizabeth husband... the man who was old and wife was old and … More
Indeed! I love this! Have you read the book "Hail Mary" it is new. He explains Blessed Mother is an invocation to Jesus. She was the first Christian … More
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Francis Feels “Annoyance" At the Church

refuse resist reject any deceiving untruthful doctrines
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Superior orders outspoken priest on sex-abuse scandal to ‘cease and desist’

Well gay martin SJ is well gay, and he is the Most Merciful and Holy Father The Pope Francis's spokes person... thing... gay guy.. homo...minion..sick..demented...representative.. and well Fr. Mark Goring CC is Catholic! Simple. Glad I could clear it up.
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Numbers Show: Pope Francis Is Emptying the Church

It is worst if the church is being emptied spiritually
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Again: Francis Refuses to Bless

God is still in control of the Pope, we don’t know why but God is alowing this. Pray for Pope Francis...
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Vietnam’s cybersecurity law in effect since January

SAme thing will happen in Europe and north america if we let liberal secularists control governments
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US Bishops at Adoration

Pink bishops with Mylar back braces at a pinky pink seminary. Does it strike anyone else that there’s a lot of empty seats?
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"Abuse Crisis": Francis Kneels In Front of the Media

Vatican 2 needs to be dismantled immediately and the traditional mass needs to made maditory all across the world( expecially in the USA)...
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New Year’s Eve false celebrations

On behalf of the pagan country I live in, formally known as Egypt form the Old Testament, I would like to wish everyone in the world a happy new year. For all my brothers and sisters who will be … More
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Cardinal Schönborn: “Homosexuals Are Very Happy To Get Married“

I suspect the Graf Von Schönborn has a personal interest in this topic.
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Cardinal Schönborn: “Homosexuals Are Very Happy To Get Married“

Murderers are also happy that certain people are no longer in the way.
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DEMONIAC social engineering

How long Oh Lord, how long? How can God bless us with this rot from within our society, and most crucially, our Church...?
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After every Rosary, this family sings the Salve Regina

He probably knows more of it than most priests
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New EU rulebook advises to avoid the word "man" and say "humankind" instead of "mankind"

The Second Person of the Holy Trinity repeatedly referred to Himself as the Son of Man. He probably needs to be sent to an EU re-education facility.
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Springsteen: Not sure whether faith or nostalgia draws him

He is a supermarket catholic ,only buys what he wants .At list a protestant is not as hipocrite
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Vietnamese priest Fr. Tom rides a hoverboard for Christmas mess

An absolutely pathetic performance! Nothing new here just more adolescent foolishness in church although I’m sure his ‘act’ was delightful to a captive audience of easily entertained rubes.

You really want to do something, Father? Roll in on a skateboard (highly unlikely) and do a kickflip Then you will have my attention and probably be on the TV news.
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Vietnamese priest Fr. Tom rides a hoverboard for Christmas mess

Is anyone surprised by this buffoonery? They turned the liturgy into protestantized circus entertainment. It's past time to ditch the new order mass.
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Happy Christmas

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsQnuwrrswuy
The manger and the straw he bore, the cradle did he not abhor: a little milk his infant fare who feedeth even each fowl of air.
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7 of 10 Hinnebusch children were Dominicans. The youngest of them, Fr Fred Hinnebusch, died earlier this week at 95 after 75 years a friar.
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Pope Franics Open To "Change" Sexual Moral – Cardinal Marx

Morbid Obesity is a Serious Health Condition. ... An individual is considered morbidly obese if he or she is 100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight, has a BMI of 40 or more, or 35 or more and experiencing obesity-related health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Like most in our hierarchy, Marx is overweight...seriously overweight. My guess is that he's at least 350lbs. (… More
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Beethoven with baby...

This woman needs to fully clothe herself. Please remove post. This scandalizes faithful.
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Closing Down of Church Because "We Have Fallen Way from True Catholicism"

So many churches are in the process of being closed down because “we’ve fallen away from adherence to true Catholicism”, Brody Hale told (December 19). Hale is a lawyer and independent…
Iam not looking for human praise,but i know what kind of people you are ,and i know that you have no love for God in your hearts .I have come with … More
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China shuts prominent Christian church, third this winter

@Prayhard: Probably they have been punished because they were too "clerical"
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Cardinal Schönborn Organised Show With Gay-Actor in His Cathedral

A great theologian of the homo-heretical Nu-Church.
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La Guadalupana

The beautiful hymn to Our Lady of Guadalupe, sung at the conclusion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis, this evening in St. Peter's Basilica.
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Some education for zionist [Evangelical] Christians

Okay, but islam, judaism, protestantism, orthodox, and all non Catholic religions are of the devil.
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The St. Gallen Mafia - Connecting the Dots

Complicit Clergy - Video: "Dr. Taylor Marshall has done an outstanding job of covering the controversies surrounding Theodore McCarrick and Pope Francis. This video is a compilation of segments of … More
DO NOT MISS THIS...and then pray, pray, pray...
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Brian Fitzpatrick, Friend of Jesus and Moral Truth, Dies at 58

Brian Fitzpatrick (1960-2018)
58 ! sapienti sat
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Cardinal Müller: They Just Keep Repeating Their Old Errors

Müller insists Francis is doing all he can to curb abuse