Mary Defined through history

The Magdalene still framed in mystery, Mary Magdalene has the potential to lead us, expose gender bias and ideology as we re-evaluate the evidence without discarding what reliable texts offer for … More

Dialogue for Peace

The concept is simple, we can live with the diversity of faith all the while knowing one day we will come to realize we are of the same mind, one of love, Make this year inclusive with less … More

ART PROJECT for Peace and Dialogue, Mary Jane Miller

Art in Mexico Peace and prayer, Dialogue for peace, gods and goddesses, interfaith peace, peace of the world, peace in the world, world and peace, new world, a new world, what is … More

Holy Ground, mary jane miller

In my studio I got wondering how many of these icons would it take to cover the floor? Holy Ground was inspired, placing them just so, in rows they went out the door in both directions, towards the … More

Egg Tempera Mixing Cheat Sheet

01:34 When you use egg tempera in your icon painting techniques, you want to mix recipes. But this requires using the appropriate egg tempera dish, one that makes it easy to clean … More
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egg tempera, mary jane miller Mary Jane Miller is an iconographer quietly living in San Miguel Allende, Classic painting with egg tempera, byzantine style icons, Mary Jane Miller shows a brief demoof icon … More
Beautiful work, truly sacred art.

Icons revealed

Egg tempera reflects spirituality and religion for modern catholics. Mary Jane Miller in San Miguel Allende is a modern catholic iconographer. Mary Jane Miller paints egg tempera in the artists … More