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Sarah: “I Don't Say A Single Word Against Francis”

Maybe he should have, for the sake of the flock
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Disturbing video: Pope Francis refuses to let faithful kiss his papal ring

Pope Frances realizes that he is NOT THE POPE.

Pray harder than yesterday

Same deeds, same results.
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Mercy Pope Invents New Sin - Who Commits It Is a "Nazi"

is it a sin to use a little too much of toilet paper ?
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Mercy Pope Invents New Sin - Who Commits It Is a "Nazi"

Francis ignores the fact that Marxism is the world leader in genocide. Intead he made a trite, utterly juvenile comparison..
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Extremely Low Attendance At General Audience

I guess not many want to be around when the quake hits!
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You Are Implying that the Pope Could Lead a Schism? Cardinal Burke, "Yes"

If you have always defended the Faith but are now called an enemy of the pope, it does not take a highschool education to realize that perhaps the man you think is the Pope is an imposter, Antipope, heretic, or devil. Take your pick. If you refuse to consider that, I ask why you like being tormented by a liar.