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Yes-Men Francis Wants Bishops “Not to Surround Themselves with Yes-Men”

Jorge is gaslighting again.

President of John Paul II Institute Tries to Placate the Storm – By Father Reto Nay

Remember when Francis tried to placate the father of a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculata, by telling him the suppression would end soon? That was 6 years ago. Good luck JPII Institute, you're toast.

Cardinal Marx "Can’t Wait For A Conclave", Already Acts "Like The Pope”

JPII elevated Bergoglio to bishop, despite the Jesuit superior warning him not to.

Cardinal Marx "Can’t Wait For A Conclave", Already Acts "Like The Pope”

The Germans have been socially engineered by the Bolsheviks since the end of WWII. General Patton was correct, we defeated the wrong enemy. Churchill was up to his eyeballs in debt to the Rothschilds, just like his dear old dad.

Francis, A Rigid Modernist, Sees "Rigidity" Everywhere

Get ready folks, this creep is setting us up for the amazon synod. When all hell breaks loose, everything will be blamed on these rigid, American Catholics. A classic narcissistic technique.

Pope Francis Does Not Despise All Americans

Obama doesn't care about climate change or even thinks it's real. He just bought a $12mm house on the beach in Martha's Vineyard... true story.

Francis Promotes Compromised Priests In Order to Secure their Subservience

This is the exact same technique the Freemasons used in the 18th Century to rise to power. See Adam Weishaupt.

Monsignore Bux: “It's Time To Move Toward Saint Peter”

The Church is not based on "the faith of Peter". Otherwise, we'd be in a sh*tload of trouble. Bergoglio is guiding the Church towards a rock alright....the rock of Gibraltor.

Francis About Dumping Relics: “I" Don't Live in Apostolic Palace, "I" Never Use This Chapel, "I" …

The Eastern Orthodox aren't "traditional" Catholics, they deny: primacy of Rome, the Filioque, Immaculate Conception, Papal Infallibility, Purgatory, allow for divorce and remarriage, to name a few.

Abuse Hoax: Francis and Benedict XVI Write Book Together

Notice that they're still trying to frame this as a peodophile crisis ("small ones") to deflect from themselves.

Francis Attacks Signees of Letter That Proves He Is a Heretic

Eucharistic miracles have happened.

Francis' Worshipper Loses It - Brands Cardinal Müller a Fascist

That's because politics is their religion.
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“Gaudete et Insultate”: Francis Points Finger - at Himself

ACLumsden writes: "Finally, a Christian who is dour, militant, judgemental and unhappy, has NOT experienced the freedom of Jesus the Christ, and is still in the chains of human immaturity, and therefore spiritual arrested development..."

Wow, you just perfectly summed up Jorge Bergoglio.
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Are We Faced With A Lying Pope?

bergoglio a liar? i'm shocked there's gambling going on here!
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Pope Francis’ Successor Will Have to Clean Up “a Huge Mess”

Why would he want an agreement w Francis? The man can't be trusted, he destroyed the traditional Franciscan friars and nuns of the Immaculata.
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Cardinal Brandmüller: Defenders of Second Liaison Are "Excommunicated"

Sorry Br Tom Ford, but we're not going to end up like Luther by questioning this pope. It is Bergoglio, not us, that is trying to change Church teaching by using that old Modernist trick of being "pastoral". We actually have an obligation as the Church Militant to question and resist this blatant heretic. We cannot rely on our bishops to do squat, pathetic lot almost all of them.