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“Stop Accusing, Accusing, Accusing the Church” - Pope Francis

"Good morning!" - Pope Francis told 2.500 pilgrims from Benevento Archdiocese during a special audience for them on February 20. Talking about Padre Pio who hails from Benevento area, Francis pointed…
Here is Francis, confusing everyone again. It's YOU, who loathes the Traditions. It's YOU who can't wait to tear up the Sacred Magesterium and … More
Dear Francis People aren't accusing the Church - they're accusing YOU!" More
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Not Surprising: German Protestant Decline Outpaces Catholics - why?

The decline of German Protestants outpaces the Catholic decline by far, Pew Research Center has found. Since 1950, German Protestants lost more than half of their numbers while Catholics dipped from …
Jim Dorchak
I thought the German protestant church and the German Government are the same thing?
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Dubia Cardinals: "Homosexual Agenda" Protected In Church By "Climate of Complicity"

An Open Letter to the presidents of the Bishops' Conferences was published by the two surviving Dubia Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller. Their addressees are currently gathered for the Vatican abuse …
Catholic Sat revealed this fake news on twitter. BBC confuses Cardinals Bartolucci (pictured) and Brandmüller.

Hushing Up? "Abuse Victim” Against Her Will - Priest Gets Twenty Years

Father Robin Vadakkumchery, 50, was sentenced on February 17 in Thalassery, Kerala, India to twenty years’ rigorous imprisonment for raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl. Vadakkumchery had …

1,1% Of Priest Celebrate Old Rite - Biggest Group Was Created By Summorum Pontificum

The French organisation Paix liturgique estimates that between 4,500 and 6,500 Catholic priests worldwide celebrate the Old Latin Mass. This would be 1.1% of the Catholic clergy. This number include…
The article fails to explain how this French organization reached such an estimate. I can say with certainty, the figure given for the FSSP's … More
So 1 percent celebrate the true mass instead of the protestant version. Victory tot he enemies of Christ, it seems.
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Turkish Muslims Keep Losing Their Religion [like the “Catholics”]

51% of Turkish Muslims described themselves as “pious” last year as opposed to 55% ten years earlier – a Konda research has shown. At the same time, the number of atheists went from 2% to 5%, while …
Less Turks practicing a fabricated pseudo-religion? Sounds like a good thing.
De Profundis

650-Page Gay Myth Sponsored By Vatican's Gay Faction Underway

A homosexual French activist*, close to the French Socialist Party, has written a soon to be released 650-page gay myth against the Church. Among others, he insults Cardinal Raymond Burke comparing …
Cardinal kick that ball where the sun don't shine.
Long excerpt of “In the Closet of the Vatican”:…/excerpt-closet-… More

Mercy for Marxists: Defrocked Ernesto Cardenal Released From Sanctions – Against His Will?

Pope Francis "rehabilitated" the Marxist poet and former priest Ernesto Cardenal, 94, who is presently hospitalized in precarious health conditions. The Nicaraguan nuncio "offered" Cardenal to co-…
God will settle this when funny hair commie meets God. It will be soooon.
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio is not a legitimate Catholic pope, because the communists and their collaborators are excommunicated. Jorge Mario Bergoglio just recently … More

They Don't Fear God, They Fear the Media – see Cardinal O’Malley

Boston Cardinal Seán O’Malley met in 2017 with Cardinal Pietro Parolin concerned that the Vatican wasn’t living up to its promise of zero mercy policy for abusers, the Wall Street Journal reported (…
These prelates fear the media but not the judgement of God. That will change.
Situation among US bishops

Corrupt Justice: Innocent Mother-Teresa-Sister Languishes in Jail

Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, 58, the Indian Bishops' Secretary General, visited the elderly Mother-Teresa-Sister Concelia Baxla in jail, he reported on (February 15). Sister Concelia was …
There is a petition to sign for her, if you google her name.

Who Is Pope? Only God Knows - Texas Bishop

“Only God knows who is really the pope, Benedict or Francis,” the retired Corpus Christi Bishop René Gracida, 95, Texas, wrote on his blog (February 15). Personally he “guesses” that …
Only God knows, that is for sure.
Well, father, @Don Reto Nay, that's true, but, if he was forced to resign, and there are good reasons to believe just that, and the coertion is … More

Demon of Death Dead: "I Do have a Darkened Heart"

Operation Rescue has learned that the San Diego Abortionist Robert J. Santella, 74, has died unexpectedly already in January 2018. Santella became famous for a June 2016 incident, when he went into …
This doctor should be tried in court for saying what he said
He knew he had a darkened heart but refused to change. The grace was there to repent but he despised it.

Cardinal McCarrick "Laicized" – McCarrickism Continues

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, has been removed today from the priesthood after a Church trial found him guilty of homosexual "sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults". Merc…
De Profundis
McCarrick's limping Christ pectoral
Rainbow cinctures are going to happen now. Just watch. Readers may laugh, but just wait until His Holiness starts wearing one and publicly defends … More

Francis Still Promotes Main Cause of Abuses – Archbishop Viganò

Whistle-Blower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who is still in hiding, has published an article on clerical abuses on (February 16). As the primary cause of the abuses he identifies …
one day hopefully the all truth will come out
De Profundis
Viganò: Overwhelming majority of abuse inflicted by "homosexual clerics" so it's "mere hypocrisy" to condemn abuse "without facing up to this fact … More

Cardinal Burke: Francis' False Abu-Dhabi-Claim Needs to be Removed [But It Will Not]

The claim that the “diversity of religions is willed by God” must be removed from Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration because it is "not correct" - Cardinal Raymond Burke writes on (Februa…
Really disappointing that such an Eminent Cardinal cannot say 2 *2 = 4…/bergoglians-are…
How long, Oh God, how long!

Cardinal Müller: Francis Is "No Heretic" - He Is "Orthodox”

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has repeated his implausible theory according to which Pope Francis is a victim of those he keeps surrounding himself with. Müller told the anti-Catholic fake-news magazine …
alex j
With in a day or two of his manifesto Cdl. Muller is back to defending the indefensible. When the time comes to 'stand by Our Blessed Lord' will he … More
Eric M
Cardinal Muller is a complete moron.

"Sexual Assault": Nasty Publicity Stunt Against Paris Nuncio

A 30-year-old employee of the city of Paris, France, accused Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, the Apostolic Nuncio in France, of “sexual assault”. The putative misdeed happened at a public 17 January …
So sad and so evil, to think that there is people around who will lie about a priest just for money or fame, yet for the last 10 years it has become … More

Why Is Francis So Afraid of the Roman Rite?

During a February 14 audience for the participants in the plenary of the Liturgy Congregation, Pope Francis read a text about the liturgical development of the past fifty years which sounded like a …
Please, listen; You'll understand why we have Pope Francis. May those who have eyes SEE, and those who have ears Hear! More
Why Is Francis So Afraid Of The Roman Rite? It is no secret…..for the same reason as his post-Vatican II, predecessors have been…..yes, or, no! More

Cardinal Burke: It Would Be “Difficult” To Deny that Benedict Has Resigned

In order to counter widespread doubts on the validity of Benedict XVI’s resignation, spoke on February 14 with Cardinal Burke. The origin of the doubts is Benedict himself. He sugges…
Dr Bobus
The problem is that munus is used in two ways: The Sacramental actions based in Potestas Ordinis and the actions based in Potestas Iurisdictionis.
The bishops are subject to the pope who is their master in authority in the traditional Catholic teaching. Unfortunately, VII 'Council' amplified … More

Francis: My Gestures Look Like Those of A Drunk

Pope Francis told Jesuits in a January 26 meeting in Panama that he concelebrated once with the anti-Catholic Father Gustavo Gutiérrez, the founder of liberation theology, and with Cardinal Gerhard …
Look like a heretic quack like a we got a winner
Hugh N. Cry
Nah, a drunk can sober up and be ashamed of his actions.