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Cardinal Wants Catholics to Give Up on Their Beliefs

Which "cherished beliefs"? Which doctrine are you trying to prepare us to Abandon?
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Freemasons Are Losing Members

they have only lost visible members because their active members have infiltrated the Catholic Church.
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With Francis' "Magisterial Authority": "The Liturgical Reform Is Irreversible"

Note to Francis: God has other plans. The protestant liturgical reform will be condemned and anathematized by a future holy pope.
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Gloria.TV News on the 15th of May 2017

A Jew: In a May 4th video, American Rabbi Mayer Schiller stated that it is important for mankind as a whole that the Church takes everything that was said in Fatima seriously. Schiller is a Hasidic … More
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@J. Boanerges: The question of why this Rabbi doesn't convert also occurred to me, but first of all, the conciliar Church says there's no need to … More
As Catholics, we live in dark times when a Rabbi speaks more of truth than our Pope.