Filial Fidelity

"... Fulfill well the will of God in the cases in which you may have the most difficulty. It is a little thing to please God in what pleases us: filial fidelity requires that we will to please Him in what does not please us, putting before our eyes …
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This Life & The Other

"This life is short, it is only given us to gain the other..." "You will often be amongst the children of this world, who, according to their custom, will laugh at all they see or think they see in you contrary to their miserable inclinations. Do …
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Sweet Devotion

"They who discouraged the Isrealites from going into the land of promise told them it was a country that devoured it's inhabitants; or, in other words, that it was impossible to withstand the pestilential infection of its air; and, further, that …
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