Troubling: "I'm a Candidate to be a Jesuit . . . and I'm gay"

DefendTruth 16
"One thing I know about being gay and being Catholic is that closets, secrets, and scapegoating help no one."
If what you are saying is you intend to engage in sodomy I pray for you. You are not free.
Carlos Barquin
Truth is, if the man believes he is attracted to men, he has no business in the priesthood. He won't be an alter-Christus
iam not interested to listen to him ,This title tells me every thing
Joseph a' Christian
@Vendee - True. You had me laugh out loud! I pictured him reading the Catechism and saying, hey look at that. I’m not even watching this video, these homos, leaches on our great Church, are so bold now. False Father Martin is repulsive.
Jesus bless you.
Won’t give the satisfaction of watching him promote the devil’s agenda. God have mercy on him and awaken him to the truth.
Doesn't he know he's mentally ill. Read the Catechism.
alex j
......"Some where over the rainbow...."
Jesuit Jesuit Jesuit when will they ever abandon paganism and to become Catholic like st Ignatius of Loyola.
De Profundis
Here is more on him including a Youtube image of Jay sitting on the toilet…/im-candidate-to…
Mental institution, not seminary.
I'm sure many seminaries would welcome you with open arms.
Roberto 55
To be homosexual is like somebody has other type of disease e.g. alzheimer, ADHD, autism etc.
It'll be better for you to stay lay person instead of to be a Jesuit...It is like to send an alcoholic to the bar.
You have not been judged and will not be judged by archbishop Vigano,
but you will be judged by Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the proscription of homosexuality clearly pronounced in the Bible (Rom, 1, 26).
But who are you to judge Vigano?
I would like to ask "J"a couple of questions.

1. Why do you speak of your sexul orientation anyway? I am a religious and I have never felt the need to tell anyone mine (I am hetero by the way)?
2. What does "freedom" means to you? Does it mean that you think that you may "live out" your sexuality, or do you think true freedom is living a life of self-control, a chaste life?
3. I do not want to … More
All human beings must be chaste be they heterosexual or same-sex attracted. Period! Sexual activity is only for a man and woman in ‘Marriage’ as attested in all cultures and in all times and as also stated by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.