Shamrocks and Witches

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ChurchMilitant.TV.. 2/13/14 - The Land of Saints, and Scholars, and Leprechauns and WITCHES!
Very sad a heart breaking..
Book recommendation : Ungodly Rage ..The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism
Donna Steichen

Witches New Age etc

Published by Ignatius Press 1991

Keep up the good work Mr. Voris
If only ...

It would have been an excellent technique to have the children name all of the rugby players (beloved heroes all of them) with enthusiasm and zeal; but then, to have them name the Christian heroes, the Twelve Apostles, with even greater enthusiasm and zeal.

This would have been easy to accomplish if the children had been given even one lesson on "who was at the Last Supper?" Childre… More