The Devil in the Church

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Viganò: For Francis, The Second in Command Is Often the First in Command Romana Vulneratus Curia writes on Marco Tosatti’s blog that the demission of Monsignor Dario Viganó as the Prefect of Communic… More
Francesco I mentioned this post in Corsia dei Servi : Chi aveva ragione?.
Die and burn in Hell Toys R Us! You reap what you sow!
1) I had heard about Toys R Us and didn't agree with the significance of their PP support until I heard's report. On-line ordering is a major factor bringing down the toy dealer, but the impact of their working against themselves by promoting the PP abortion giant can't be underestimated; 2) That has got to be the most hideous altar I have ever set my eyes upon; 3) Perhaps my family … More
Dr Bobus
Planned Parenthood = Abortions "R" Us