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Relativism: On December 17th, the anti-Catholic Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari, to whom Pope Francis talks regularly, revealed in La Repubblica, that Francis said to him, “Each of us has his … More
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Sunamis 46
and a blessed new year too
Sunamis 46
god bless all of you
Sunamis 46
thank you so much-god bless you,
before he went to saint madeline cathedral in salt lake City, which he did recommend to me
Holy Cannoli
I am not from Cincinnati and so, after reviewing their website, I am posting a link to what I believe will be a suitable Church for your husband tomorrow. Here , Here and Here

Please post your husband's comment if he goes to this church. Gott segne Sie!
As a bonus, although I do not know if this offer is still available:

(from the online bulletin) Ravio… More
Sunamis 46
i would like to ask all of you here, for recommenting a roman catholic parish in cinncinati ohio, so my husband can go to holy mass tomorrow morning thank you so much, please write by pn to me
god bless you
olivier jean
Bonjour je voudrais prendre contact avec vous, suite à plusieurs message je n'ai pas de retour de votre part cordialement.
Thankyou Gloria for your informative news stories
Lionel L. Andrades
Donohue is correct.The Boston Globe will not report on the same thing happening among Jews or Protestants.
Donohue - the newsmedia in western countries is private business. They make more money if more people read their news. The larger public is not nearly as interested in a scandal with US gymnastics as it is with scandals in the Catholic Church. It is for the same reason you can find so many articles printed about Brad and Angelina's divorce, instead of something that actually matters like child … More

"Jezus był Żydem" - chyba dla was judaizujących modernistów. Miłość bliźniego i uczynki miłosierdzia wymagają wytknięcia błędów oraz bluźnierstw talmudycznego judaizmu oraz ostrzeżenia jego naśladowców przed potępieniem. Co też zawsze Kościół czynił. A co sobie wyznawcy judaizmu z tym ostrzeżeniem poczną to już ich wolna wola i sprawa.
I nie życzę sobie żadnych pouczeń od judaizanta. … More
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informacyjny wirus
Nie strasz nie strasz kapusiu ubecki.

Informacje jest portalem internetowym dla katolików i użytkowników internetu wszystkich języków i narodowości. Nasza organizacja kieruje się nauką katolicką.
Ten środek masowego przekazu popiera:
• zachowanie, wspieranie i rozpowszechnianie Kościoła katolickiego i Wiary katolickiej
• zachowanie praw dzieci nienarodzonych i upośledzonyc… More
informacyjny wirus
Pan tu za nożyce robisz na tym portalu, panie Nugat?
Lionel L. Andrades
There is relativism in dominus iesus and redemptoris missio.

DECEMBER 24, 2016

In Dominus Iesus Cardinal Ratzinger repeats mistakes of Redemptoris Missio :irrational philosophy creates non traditional theology…/in-dominus-iesu…
Merry Christmas Gloria TV we really love what you do!

Glória in excélsis Deo
et in terra pax homínibus bonæ voluntátis.
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Marry Christmass to
Dr Bobus
@Holy Cannoli.

The problem with what the pope is saying is that is subjective--not rising to objective reality.
Holy Cannoli
Your holiness,
1) With the term “the absolute” are you referring to the Triune God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or something else? And, if you are referring to the Triune God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit then why didn't you simply say it?

2) You also said “Each of us has his own vision of the absolute." Would you please state your vision of "the absolute"?

3) You also said … More
Each of us has his own vision of the absolute. From this point of view there exists also relativism, which is placed alongside our religion.”Quand on vous dit qu'il n'a pas la foi. Les dubia sur Maoris Laetitia cachent la forêt des hérésies proclamées par François dans la ligne de ses prédécesseurs. Le prière dans les mosquées, les synagogues, les temples semblent pas … More