Much wanted baby aborted after wrong tests

Devastating. An Irish couple aborted their much-wanted baby because pre-natal tests indicated abnormalities. Post-abortion, tests indicated the baby was perfectly healthy.
@Jungerheld They still murdered their child regardless of the diagnosis. It's like having a disabled sibling or parent killed because the diagnosis wasn't good. They reap what they sow.
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This happens in every abortion clinic around the world routinely. You are right, @aderito. At the same time, it is good if this in any degree becomes a news story. I hope they sue the daylights out of whomever made the wrong diagnosis.
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How could it be a much wanted baby ? a much wanted baby is accepted with what ever is wrong with the baby .i know also that these doctors they put a lot of pressure for women to abort ,they run it as a business ,unfortunatly
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...and pressure is put on doctors to assure a "perfect baby" will be born.