Shocking video. What happened to "believe women"?

HerzMariae 8
Leftist threatens to rape conservative woman, then feminists accuse her of lying - even though it's all on tape!
Unbelievable! Scum! Such people should be in a prison.
There is a distinction between mob law and mere lawlessness. It is the difference between Paris in 1790 and Petrograd in 1918.
If you want the facts, it is much better to go to the governing class. But if you want ideals, it is immeasurably better to go to the mob.
Mobs are always moral. There never was a mob that rose to demand the squaring of the circle or the closer observation of the Transit of Venus.
The mob has been disliked in every age because it was that section of the nation in which people were simply being people. But there are moments when the whole nation must be a mob or die.
The mob risen is awful, not because the mob is revolutionary; but, on the contrary, because the mob is very conservative.
Holy Cannoli
When you are pro-life or pro anything conservative, expect to be confronted by pushy leftist jerks like this old man. What do you do? Have back-up. Hire a large man/men (preferably a black man or men) as security. A large serious looking man would do wonders to prevent these kind of aggressive actions and threats from the leftist opposition. It works.