Priest dancing with a girl

zbyszek 7
Parish of San Sebastián Mártir in Mexico City
Better for this priest and the woman that a giant millstone be tied around their necks and then tossed into the sea. They have caused grave scandal to the young alter servers and all who were in attendance. Woe to them!
Jim Dorchak
Really! What part of the Mass would even remotely lead to this? VII set us free from VII!!!!! I could not watch the whole thing.... do they fall on their knees and pray for forgiveness? Please tell me they do....
Women dressed like this should not be allowed in church. That priest is dancing with Satan!!!
Pray for them, hell is hot, and God will not be mocked
Both of them have either lost the faith or never had it.
If the parishioners knew the Catholic faith they would of grabbed these two cretins and thrown them out of the church.