Omsk Dormition Cathedral, Omsk (Russia)

geobeats on May 19, 2011 Take a tour of Omsk Dormition Cathedral in Omsk, Russia -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

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Thank YOU, SoundingJoy... Because of people like you, I don't give up on A Blessed Sunday!!
This Cathedral is simply beautiful. How much I enjoy traveling the world through your videos, dear Ira, otherwise, I would never see such beauty. Bless you for your labor of love
A striking feature of the city of Omsk, in southern Russia, is the grand and colorful Dormition Cathedral.

This structure boasts a gleaming white exterior and shiny blue and gold domes, typical of Russian architecture.

These features add to the majesty of the cathedral as both a place of worship and historical monument.

The original Dormition Cathedral was built in the late nineteenth century, designed in the Russian Revival Style.

However, when the Soviets came to power, they destroyed … [More]