Bergoglio Earns Praise from the Gay Lobby For reafirming a Gay Man in his vice

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The gay activist Juan Carlos Cruz propagates in the media the heretic blasphemy with which Bergoglio confirmed him in his vice
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Angie W.
¿De qué sirve invocar con la voz a quien niegas con las obras? (SAN JERÓNIMO.)
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis mentioned this post in Salida secular: Francisco está socavando la enseñanza católica sobre la homosexualidad.
Not ‘Gay’ lobby, but ‘Homosexual’ lobby
@Gesù è con noi - Excellent, the epistle of Peter that you quoted, helps us to see through evil Bergoglio's konfusion.
Almighty God bless you.
Meanwhile the news continues to spread like an atomic bomb because of the media manipulation of gay activist Juan Carlos Cruz who became homosexual after being raped, who is speaking on behalf of Bergoglio to promote homosexuality. Blaspheming God by claiming that God made him Gay.…/it-ok-to-be-gay…
2 Peter 2
False Prophets and Their Punishment
2 But false prophets also arose … More
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This means that Bergoglio told a victim who was sexually abused by a homosexual priest that the homosexual priest who abused him was also "born that way" and that he should also be happy about that.
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