Worried about the Papacy? Christ is the Point

Sensus Fidelium 12
Sermon on worrying about what is going on in the Vatican & worrying about everything the Holy Father says or does. Father speaks about historical events that caused massive confusion to the faithful.… More
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Anne T. If the "Holy Spirit is in you" then be kind and cite evidence to prove ("Benedict XVI. knew well that Pope Francis would follow him"). your claim against BXVI is true.
Joseph a' Christian 1. Please learn to spell lastnames. Out of respect to anyone, especially popes. 2. The popes are judged by God himself. This is what Fr. John Jenkins of Pius X Fraternity once replied to a man possessed … More
Joseph a' Christian
@Rafał_Ovile our Apostle Paul proclaims in the Holy Word, to reject an apostle or angel from Heaven if they offer a mutilated Gospel. @Anne T. Our sistter's last statement is excellent truth, faithful to our Lord Jesus above all. The last several evil false popes, we were warned of them by beautiful, faithful St. Pope Pius the X.
Rafal, the blasphemies of Wojtiwa and Ratzinger/ Bergoglio are … More
Joseph a' Christian the evil spirit of sedevacantism is nerve recking and neo-marxist (critical theory of Adorno and Horkheimer) spirit a never ending revolutionist against all authority. The sedevacantists show a polarized immaturity to modernists in the same orbit. The first escaped the Cross north while the latter succumbed to burning heat in the south... Catholicism is a religion based on … More
Joseph a' Christian
@Rafał_Ovile Yes, Almighty God established the papacy. Yet, our Apostle Paul reveals to us that in the last days there will be a tremendous apostasy. The evidence is extremely strong that Vatican II is this sad event. Ratzinger attended the unfaithful council in street clothes. His buddy Wojtiwa led many in the evil ways of the worldly documents. The best I can tell, Ratzinger is Wojtiwa light.
@… More
Anne T. Please cite evidence to prove your statement ("Benedict XVI. knew well that Pope Francis would follow him"). Antonio Socci mentioned a reliable source that pope Benedict XVI thought that Cardinal Scola would become next pope after his abdication and Ratzingerists voted as such. (Non e Francesco?) A. Socci

As God said the final day is only known to Him for reason that no false pride fille… More
Anne T. any personal difficulties which may trigger compassion in your interlocutor doesn't give anyone more right to defend objective cognitive errors and make them authentic. Petrine Office was established by Triune God to represent Him and rule/guide His Church. A human is not free of errors and sins including popes among who were sinners and saints. Nevertheless, you should consider that in … More
Anne T. is lutherized protestant or argentinian agent?