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The Holy Face of Jesus Christ

Devotion to the HOLY FACE is not just another devotion... it is a PLEA from GOD. - Holy Face Association. Most of the pictures are (as you can see) from the movie "The Passion Of The Christ. The song is "Your Holy Face" written and performed by Paul… [More]
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JeanFaithful, thank you so much. Please thank the Holy Spirit. If not for Him, these videos would not be here.
God bless you today and always.
Peace & Love in Christ.

LUIZ CAMACHO, better for you could be to go to sleep, while we are enjoying good videos...

1Hope4All, your videos are so full of the Holy Spirit !!!
God bless you!

Sorry, I spelled your name wrong. I meant to say Luiz.

Luis, why don't you make any videos and this way you can enjoy your own videos. Thanks for even clicking on this video to watch. Sorry I put you to sleep.

The velocity of video made me........