Pagan Ceremony?

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Strasbourg Cathedral for the beatification of Mother Alphonse-Marie (September 9)
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Pagans here, pagans there, pagans everywhere, especially in the so called Catholic Church
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What words were they singing in front of our Lord Jesus Christ? I went to Mass at different church, bc they did not have Mass via old church. There were plastic chairs, huge screen for Karaoke. Looked like a MEGA church on TV. People were dancing, clapping in church. It was a Catholic church... I prayed for the priest and the church .. Is it a sin to speak up against the Pope or Masses being … More
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JP2 Carol Wojtyla, never forget the blasphemous, pagan service that he led in Assisi, 1986. His charming, yet unfaithful ways fooled many Catholics. Wojtyla conditioned many Catholics with religious indifference, False Francis is finishing the evil work with komplete lawlessness: religious indifference, sexual indifference... These are the satanic creatures, cloaked in modernism, that faithful … More
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What is this nonsense?
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More nightmares of Vatican II. Pagan worship inside our Catholic Church.
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Awful lot of white hair there. The revolutionaries, or dupes of same are getting old.