Setting the table (Irish Dancing?)

Crying or laughing?
God will not be mocked!!!
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Disgraceful and horrendously offensive to Our Lord. Shame on this priest whose job it is to prevent such garbage.
Isn't that cute?
This must have been done in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite Irish jokes.
Do you know the difference between an Irish Wedding and an Irish Funeral?

One less drunk.

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Racist or what HOW DARE YOU!!!!
Have another drink, Mick.
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alex j
@Irish and Catholic >> The best Irish Jokes I came a cross were from the Irish themselves. Lighten up my friend. Love Hal Roach. He's my favourite Irish comedian.
Yes laughing at ourselves is one thing but for a non Irish man to do it is another and as we all know this can be the basis for racism , anti semitism and sectarianism.We should all be able to laugh at ourselves but when done by someone else ??????
Looks like the priest is enjoying it.
Wie geschmack- und würdelos ist das denn??!
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