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Director of the News Agency Zenit Resigns Retired Archbishop Philip Hannan of New Orleans Has Died Founder of Radio Maryja Invests in Geothermal Energy Prohibitions on Dispensed Clergy Relaxed? [More]

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Cardinal Diaz...

Thanks for the news, Doina..
Doina, thanks for the news. God bless you. I Pray for family
@soc - INDEED that man! To be sure!
The news story is not very clear about the nature of the cardinal's letter. He is now retired from his work in the Vatican, although the letter seems to have been written before his retirement. But he was the prefect of the dicastery for the Evangelization of Peoples, not the Congregation for the the Doctrine of the Faith, nor the Roman Rota. His dicastery does not have authority over laicizations. It would seem that his letter only expressed his own personal opinion, not an official policy of … [More]
Gosh.... if a priest is laisized, there must be serious theological and/or moral reasons for this. Therefore, it would stand to reason that, unless he can prove that he has successfully worked through his crisis, would he be a source of questionable influence in Seminaries?

The mind boggles.....
Holy Cannoli
Cardinal Ivan Dias' appeal to diocesan bishops to encourage priests who have left ministry (his letter extends only to priests who left in order to get married) to play a more active role in parish life is good on its face but there may be a dark side.

Who's to say that what appears to be a benign recommendation may be used by some unscrupulous bishops (and yes, they are still out there) to bring their laicized, active homosexual/pedophile friends back on the payroll?

It's for that reason … [More]