"I Do" Wedding Dance

Barbarella 3
Protestant "Wedding Dance"
Heavenly Places
Oh wunderbar, da geht einem das Herz auf: glückliche Menschen, die ein glückliches Fest feiern. So würde ich auch gern heiraten. Einfach wunderbar. Eine Hochzeit darf eine Hoch - Zeit sein!! Toll und eine Freude beim zusehen!!
This is how in some church's and in the minds of certain people, regard the Sacrament of Matrimony? One can only try to imagine how Heaven must feel when seeing what should be such a Holy and Blessed undertaking, of the joining together of Man and Woman for the rest of their lives and have to witness to such infantile and blasphemous behavior with absolutely no comprehension as to the SANCTITY … More
Anthropologically speaking, it is natural for the human being to express itself by means of its body: vocal utterance, gesture, visual art (plastic arts) and motion. The 'anthropod' or human being, has done this since its inception, e.g. King David danced for Yahweh. It is only in using its whole body, can the anthropod satisfy its need to communicate.

Theologically speaking, in the worship of … More