When dad is left with baby

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Sharing because...dads and babies

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@Dr Stuart Reiss a favorite story with the same nephew was when he came to me as a toddler with his hand bleeding. When I asked what happened he responded, "I wasn't playing with glass." So I asked him where he wasn't playing with glass and he promptly showed me. And one more involving the same nephew. This time my niece came to me and said, and I quote, "Daniel hit me back!" The look on her … More
@Dr Stuart Reiss you are right! Aunts and uncles are known to create a bit of trouble. But my memories are as the aunt, not the niece! My favorite memory, though, is a good one. I took my nephew/God son to a parking lot and told him we weren't leaving until he could ride a bike. I said the words; he did the work.
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