Buddhist monks receive Holy Communion

AlexBKaiser 4
Video from facebook. No more information available. It is said to be a Catholic priest (and not e.g. an Anglican)
@AlexBKaiser , pls provide the link from Facebook. Thanks.
As one very familiar with the C of E and all things Anglican, I strongly suspect this is an Anglican Holy Communion service.
1. The minister's vestments are too 'classically' made (many Anglicans love rummaging about the Church's dust bin of forsaken goods, as it were).
2. The overall appointment of the sanctuary with the classic choir before the altar, et alia.
Even the two large tapers symmetri… More
Joseph a' Christian
Graymoor monastary in New York, used to be Catholic. For years now, these homosexual false Franciscans, take the Holy Eucharist out of the St. Theresa-Little Flower Chapel when the Buddhists visit, and turn the Chapel over to these creatures.
Jesus’ remnant, cement together.
Sadly, this looks like another bit of Conciliar sacrilege. Pray in reparation and for the conversion of all there.