How Catholic is Poland? 6 Signs of Catholicism in Everyday Life : Episode 13

LovemyPoland! on Jun 20, 2018 Living in Poland means understanding how Catholicism impacts everyday life and Polish culture. Here are 6 very obvious traits you'll encounter when visiting or living … More
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6 Signs of superficial Catholicism in Poland:
1. Over 10,000 parishes (a lot more churches) - less than 10 with daily Traditional Roman Mass.
2. Annual days (or even weeks) of Rabbinic Judaism and Islam in churches promoted by the Polish Conference of Bishops.
3. Support of the hierarchy for the Neocatechumenal Way, "pseudo-charismatics and other New Age of Feelings movements in the Church.
4. … More
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Only thing the laity can do is daily Rosary and first 5 Saturdays to hasten Mary's triumph
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