Watsonville woman topples crucifix during catholic church vandalism rampage

Tesa 11
A woman in California was arrested after allegedly wrecking several pieces of religious art — including a large crucifix in a Catholic church's sanctuary. Surveillance video from St. Patrick's … More
It´s such a pity I am not the pastor of this church, if I would have catched her, there would be no need for prison any more, just for hospital!
If a good pastor catches her, she would be sorry, repent and go to church every week afterwards.
Her face changes when she arrives at the cross. She shows off teeth, probably a demon.
Then after doing this crime you would expect adrenaline running through her system, not this woman though, she doesn't even forget to take her umbrella, icecold behaviour, like this was a routine job.
Then initially running away, but suddenly controlling the pace, like knowing that running would be calling … More
THAT'S a Catholic Church...... really???? never woulda guessed
Its a francis church in the square. Lol. Lord have mercy on these crazy priests doing this to our mother, the Church
Demons don’t have the courage to do this on their own. So they resort to tempting/controlling weaker humans to...
Pray for her, she may end up in Hell for this...
Jim Dorchak
She is doing exactly what modern society has been asking.. telling people to do since the 1960s.
Little coward runs away like a dirty rat.