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Oh, but your love of Christ shines brightly for us all dear sister.

HUMILITY-NOT a virtue of mine Heaven help me...

Thank you Irapuato for sharing this message. May we learn humility as we learn of those before us, who chose to minister to the least of these, as doing so for Christ His Lord. May we humble ourselves before the Lord, that He may use us for His Glory alone. Bless you for this share.

Saint Charles of Sezze Jan. 18
Charles thought that God was calling him to be a missionary in India, but he never got there. God had something better for this 17th-century successor to Brother Juniper.
Born in Sezze, southeast of Rome, Charles was inspired by the lives of Salvator Horta and Paschal Baylon to become a Franciscan; he did that in 1635. Charles tells us in his autobiography, "Our Lord put in my heart a determination to become a lay brother with a great desire to be poor and to beg … [More]