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Agressive Attack Of "Transgender" Man

Trial - He left two victims bleeding and fearing for their lives after attacking them
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Prayhard Please don't make such broad generalizations. It's so unfair. Most trans people would be as shocked by this even as the rest of us. Clearly a singular case of psychosis here.
Holy Cannoli
It’s impossible for me to say what my response to such a situation would be. However, situational awareness (the freak was carrying an ax) would not have permitted this creature to get so close to me as the individual who was hit allowed.

First of all, don't allow yourself to be provoked by a stranger. If somehow the creature did manage to take a swing with the ax at me, I would have attempted … More
Transgender are mentally disturbed men. Pray for them, but like Moslems, they seemed to a favoured protected class.
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