Lie is a punishment. Lez je trest

Libor Halik
The bishop Williamson (a pupil of archbishop Lefebvre): Why is from skyscrapers dusts? Where is the steel construction? Is not the worldwide success of such a lie not a punishment from God upon the peoples of the world who do not want to have to … [More]

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Libor Halik
See Dr. Steven E. Jones Physicist and Archaeometrist: Physicists Scientists about a Fraud with Terrorist Attack,New York

Try to understand that proud people are not so much carefull. Therefore they do the mistakes often. The people which rule are very often very proud. We can recognise their lying through their mistakes. Their mistakes help to us. It is God's providence.
I think that if a third building collapsed that wasn't hit by a plane, that that then proves that this was not a government conspiracy. A conspiracy would have arranged it such that only buildings that were hit by planes collapsed. It would be just be too foolish for a conspiracy to also set charges in a building that wasn't going to be hit by a plane. If they were going to blow up the buildings themselves and make it look like it was caused by planes hitting them, they would have known better than to have done that.

God Bless,
Libor Halik
I am forgiving you "chloe". The evidence persuades me that 9/11 2001 was an inside job. Please, stop making your government(s) and your media into your religion, or half your religion.
Shame on you. In WWII, did the Japanese invade neighboring countries and wreak destruction and misery practically unchecked? Did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? Did politicians or incompetent officers in the US have intelligence those Japanese planes were coming (all the way across the ocean) and let it happen to rally support? Does that mean that the US attacked its own fleet? We had intelligence of the plans of global jihadists like Bin Laden which is why we were trying to prepare. The … [More]
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