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Dr Stuart Reiss mentioned this post in Cardinal Ranjith Discusses Amoris Laetitia Controversy.
@Jim Dorchak we are now walking on a path of ecumenism and greater collegiality, we rely on an internal forum in a discernment process together with feedback from diverse populations with belief in God and none, taking into account their gender and sexual orientation input to formulate curriculums for priests / priestesses and non binary individuals bearing in mind that … More
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss Do they teach that in seminary? Just asking because it seems like out here on the periphery we need a little mercy to join us along our journey but yet find us in our diversity and humbleness of meekness.
@Jim Dorchak my sentiment exactly (see below)...amazing how someone can speak for 17 mins and not say anything...its a real talent....i’m afraid medics don’t have that.(.always too direct and tight summaries.)...
Jim Dorchak
It seems like he is a little too whishy washy to me.
Dr Stuart Reiss but may be his speech would improve... to a yes, yes and no, no More
@Rafał_Ovile if he punches anyone, the Rheumatoid artheritis may get worse in his hands
Can it be any more namby pamby than this? Wasn’t he considered a Champion of Traditional Catholicism?
Poor Cardinal Ranjit, in a difficult spot fielding these questions, but its not that ‘some people are upset about some passages’ in Amoris Lettuce (Trade mark) Your Eminance, but it’s Christ Himself thats being contradicted in these passages, and its upsetting the whole church....its leading … More
Cardinal Ranjith ,you said it correctly that we are all sinners . But when there is signs that there is a pull to take the Church to a different path that does not seem to be a Catholic traditional spiritual and natural ,path people get confused .St Peter was corrected by St Paul ,and he was humble enough to accept being corrected.Pope Francis tells everybody to be mercifull but himself does not … More