St. Martin de Porres (Eng./Sp.)

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by Pascendi Gregis on Aug 25, 2013
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Maravilloso ejemplo de humildad, caridad, fe y esperanza. Dios bendiga a San Martín de Porres y que él interceda siempre por nosotros.

Amazing testimony of humility, charity, faith and hope. God bless Saint Martin of Porres and he forever intercede for us.
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St. Martin de Porres was born at Lima, Peru, in 1579. His father was a Spanish gentleman and his mother a coloured freed-woman from Panama. At fifteen, he became a lay brother at the Dominican Friary at Lima and spent his whole life there-as a barber, farm laborer, almoner, and infirmarian among other things.
Martin had a great desire to go off to some foreign mission and thus earn the palm … More