Must See - Cardinal Dolan Contradicts Canon Law

Tesa 5 1
Cardinal Dolan on Fox and Friends WINGING IT ON CANON LAW and Gov. Cuomo: and someone has edited/spliced in the Canon Law that contradicts him while he is talking.
Don't worry Satan loves him back
Roberto 55
Dolan Dolan, you want to be love by the world...
Unfortunatly Fox didnt have someone there that is better with the catholic church and the cannon law that could respond to this Cardinal .
I have tweeted to him and ask my priest at my church... I am praying and have been since 5th grade to overturn Roe VS. Wade. It is getting worse not better? Why? Why? I must go to confession for questioning a Cardinal but he laughed as he drank a GOOD cup of coffee... I don't know how to post anything on here. But a Dr. in court explains the brutal act of abortion.. it is on twitter...This needs … More
No different than a politician. We need to pray for the bishops. Pray for the priests. Pray for the pope.