Katrin Himmler - Family members of Heinrich Himmler

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Sunamis 46
Dear mattsixteen24
The brainwash from the jews to other jews began
Just after christ had risen-
The did spread the rumor around that the aüostels took jesus out of the tomb-
Since that times - they paid that soldiers money that were at the empty tomb-
So the jews would not believe the apostles-
But saulus hunted christians
Until god got him-

As you can see:
Money makes the world go round-

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@Sunamis 46 Yes, I agree. Americans are very brainwashed as well. Younger generations and even old are being told to hate Christianity. Told to hate American history. They are told to hate whites. They are told to hate men. They are told to embrace homosexuality and foreign invaders. Basically commit their own Genocide which is what Europe is doing.

The next thing I'm going to say will probabl… More
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Sunamis 46
Vered Lavan
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Sunamis 46
Jesuits are allowed to do as they please really?
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Sunamis 46
But the son of martin bormann
Gave up being a priest to get married
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Sunamis 46
Dear mattsixteen24,
Please do not beangry at me
But this is what i think:

All of the countries after ww2,
Did work together to brainwash
The people in germany,
Even america did so!

the american " history " is not much better...
The irak war
Is as well a brain washed story for the american society to support the war-
And has wasted a lot iof money for nothing, young soldiers had to give their … More
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Germans are very brainwashed. They don't know their history because the communists rewrote it.
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