BBC Scotland video says Holy Communion ‘smells like hate’

De Profundis 5 2
The Bishop of Paisley has criticised BBC Scotland after a video said Holy Communion “tastes like cardboard and smells like hate”. The video was posted on the Facebook page of BBC The Social, a … More
The BBC's next video will be with a pedophile and a young child. Degenerate trash.
I dont like this video , i just feel sorry for this people .there is a lot of distorted talking ,and hatred , unfortunatly they are not alone and they need a lot of prayers
Straight from the mouth of satan. Your father is very proud of you and awaits your presence with him in hell.
De Profundis
I thought they target hate speech in Great Britain. So this is it.
The video promotes vicious anti-Catholicism in Scotland, at a time when Catholics report an increase in attacks