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If there were only three beads then it is clearly not a rosary. A chapter perhaps? Hundreds of thousands have visited Fatima and Lourdes and not been healed. Does this mean that they are not legitimate apparition sites? Almost everyone eventually dies of some sort of sickness, are all of these from Satan? When children are born with a disease are these all from Satan or does Christ give us … More
Medugorje has Satan as it's author. So many people are deceived, as I once was.
I saw fruit of deceit woman gave me colourfull medjug rosary...three hail marys instead of ten in each string ,mystery gone in each....should i pray this..nonsense..

Threw it away..this lady she completely destroyed relations in family.intrigues and malicious pry,not a single postitive word from her mouth.only blind cant see the satan in medg pilgrims behaviour.. I found bible,met God in … More
Have you been to Medjugorje? Weekly confession, multiple daily masses packed, daily adoration, daily rosary, fasting ect. And I am talking about the people that live there, not the visiting pilgrims. Also seeing the visionaries waiting tables and working manual labor jobs makes me believe that if they are scamming then they are not very good scammers. As a retired law enforcement officer, I am … More
Brothers and sisters question the events of Medugorje. The evidence is strong that deceit and fraud are behind that show.
Our Good Shepherd, Jesus Is The Truth.
Megaforgerie you mean? So this was a nutters convention then?
Medugorge is not of God.
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stjako1000 A wszędzie gdzie w imię Moje naród się zgromadzi Ja jemu błogosławię .Zgromadzą się w imię Moje wszystkie narody w imię Pana i będą prawdą moją, i słusznie i sprawiedliwie, narody będą sobie błogosławić przez ciebie J.CH, i będą się tobą chlubić , gdzie dawniej obrałem to mieszkanie dla mojego imienia ,o jak wiele jest miejsc świętych na ziemi Dzięki Ci Boże św. NIECH CIEBIE … More
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