MUST WATCH: Very moving & emotional moment when #PopeFrancis kneels and kisse...

Aww... c'mon eucharist. You gotta show some Christian charity for our good Pontiff. He's gotta back problem, dont'cha know? :P He has "severe difficulty" kneeling which is why he doen't do it during Mass.

Besides, he isn't kneeling here. He's crawling on the floor and grovelling. That's different. :D
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Love our Muslim kissy Pope. Yes the beards tickle. St Anthony hammer of heretics, pray for us.
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The great kneeler that refuses to kneel before the Only One before whom "each knee will bow in Heaven and on earth and under the earth" (Ph 2:10): THE EUCHARIST.
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Alex A
I'm still waiting for Francis to kneel at the consecration of the Blessed Sacrament. Now that would be worth watching.
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