Josef Seifert: The Pope must revoke parts of Amoris Laetitia 7 5
Speaking to the Austrian philosopher Josef Seifert stated that different statements in Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia are “objectively heretical”. Seifert makes clear … More
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hell is permanent because those inside of it sin forever. Sin can only be sin, if it is freely chosen- a person who has no ability to stop sinning, cannot actually sin, because sin implies the person has an ability to reject the temptation. Every person who remains in hell, is there because they voluntarily choose to sin forever- no matter what God offers them, they refuse to repent. In other … More
I believe this pope ,he won't change amoris laetitia ,that would admitting he is wrong
GJA Taylor
at 7.20 he says padre pio....... st.pious would tell them to go change their life, then return to confession, then communion, get a grip! This pope needs to go now.
GJA Taylor
go pope francis and go now.
Dr. Seifert is clarifying Catholic doctrine which is true and unchanging and given to us by Our Holy Lord Himself. A breath of fresh air in the smog of relativism and all the flood heresies that we are subjected to in "modern times"
Thank you for this very important interview.
"Seifert makes clear that he does not believe that Pope Francis is heretical".

Actually, like most Catholics, he does not WANT to believe it.
Bergoglio is not the pope.
Bergoglio is not a Catholic.